Monday, April 21, 2014

Wisdom, Easter, Fundraiser, and More

 You want to know what is not a good idea? Getting a wisdom tooth cut out right before Easter. The Easter holiday is one that involves lots of wonderful things, one of which is food. Too bad I couldn't really chow down. However, my pants aren't too mad at me. 

Speaking of pants, I got my Old Navy package in the mail today. Besides ordering myself a few things, I also got Jack this super cute shirt. My Mom is going to LOVE seeing him in this.

Nothing, not even a throbbing face, could stop me from smiling at my adorable Jack on Easter. He liked his Easter basket and his favorite thing was the plastic eggs. I'm not too surprised because he is obsessed with anything round because he thinks they are balls. He spent a lot of time throwing potatoes out of a bowl at my Mom's house. He kept throwing the eggs around like they were balls. He liked the way they would spin. 

When it came time to hunt for eggs he didn't understand why he couldn't just keep and play with the first egg he found. When I tried to put it in his basket he got really mad. I showed him where to find another egg and it started all over again. Finally, I just gave in because what really matters is him being happy not getting the most eggs.

It was a fantastically beautiful day so we spent most of the day playing in dirt, riding in the wagon, pushing tractors around, and sliding. My Dad then fired up the grill and made us all hamburgers and BBQ chicken while my Mom fixed potato salad and baked beans. Even with my mouth hurting I did my best to eat some of that yummy food. 

Monday came in a rush of reality. I laid in my parent's guest bed thinking how could I possibly be at work in just 2 measly hours. My aching mouth was urging me to call in sick but my bank account pulled me out of bed. I spent my workday opening fundraising packets, counting money, filling out forms, and making deposits. I'll spend tomorrow doing the exact same thing. I don't really mind doing this job though because it's fairly easy just tedious. 

What was the best part of your weekend? 

Friday, April 18, 2014

I Want a Baby Girl

Daughter quote

There will be days where I am 110% sure that our small family is complete with only one child. The delivery, developing necrosis, having surgery again 2 months later, the wound vac, and now dealing with scar tissue pain and a hernia (having surgery in June to fix these) I think it just isn't physically possible. Let's not even talk about the financial aspect of it. I told my mom today that if we moved beside them I'd have one more. My mom said it would most likely be a boy. My luck it would be. 

I want a baby girl whose fingernails I could paint. I want to buy dresses, bows, and tutus. I need to braid hair and go to dance class. I want to be surrounded by pink, dolls, frill, glitter, and fluff. I  must buy little girly shoes, infant pieces of jewelry, and ruffly bloomers.

What's a Mama to do? I feel guilty because there are some couples who can't even have one baby. We are already so blessed. I do worry if my body can handle another round. I would want to try for a VBAC if at all possible. 

Why can't someone just give me a baby girl? 

The Lord will give us what we are meant to have whether that be what we have now or another blessing.