Sunday, March 31, 2013

Review and Giveaway

Today I would like to introduce you to Fernando Navarro a father and composer. His album Instrumental Project: Opus Number 7 is the perfect piece for meditation and relaxation. 

As a new mother I am always looking for music that calms little one down. Jack loves orchestra music (I think it is from all the classical music I played for him while in the womb). There are music buttons that plays this type of music on his mobile and his swing. He is familiar with it and really likes it so this album fits right in with his taste. 

This mom loves this relaxing cd. My favorite title is "Slow Waltz". It's a great one to play at 3 am when I'm trying to get Jack and I both back to sleep after the harshness of the light from making a bottle and changing a diaper. Another of the songs I love is "Stratosphere". It is more up tempo. If you enjoy yoga (which I did before Jack arrived and really want to get back into) or meditation this would be a great track for those activities. 

I would love for you to go check out these songs as well as the other and then enter the Rafflecopter below.
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, March 29, 2013

Looking For Blessings

You know the old saying, "when it rains, it pours". Well my family knows that all too well right now. We have been put through the ringer. We, all three, can not be well at one time. I'm still recovering from my c-section mess. I still have an open wound that causes me grief every single day. Jack got diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection 2 weeks ago that still hasn't resolved itself and last night it was full on "should we go to the ER" sick. I have the flu. My husband had to get a tooth retracted Wednesday. I broke a tooth yesterday. I'm taking Jack to the doctor in 30 minutes. I need a freaking break from all of this sickness. I'm telling the doctor that they need to seriously reserve a parking spot for our family.

With sickness comes medical bills but with sickness also comes missing work. Missing work makes me feel crappy. I never use to be sick. My "sick" days were reserved for extra vacation days. When I had Jack I had 60 sick days saved up-that's how not sick of a person I was. Since getting pregnant my body has rejected me. I can deal with being sick but having a sick baby is hard. Last night I just held him. We would have taken him to the ER but the last time we went the doctor said and I quote "I don't give medicine to babies" and he never even touched him. I called the hospital to see who was on duty and they wouldn't tell me. The woman was very rude and I wanted to jump through the phone and punch her. I'm not a confrontational person but having a baby makes something change inside of you. Mama Bear will jack you up. I know the woman and if she knew who I was she wouldn't have been so rude because see we are practically neighbors and is very nice to me in person but that just makes me even more angry because she shouldn't be so rude to people whether she knows them or not.

Last night as I prayed for us all to be healthy I started feeling guilty-blessed even. I could have a child who has cancer not just a baby with a horrible cold. I found myself thinking and praying for those moms and babies. I know we are lucky comparatively. Having a sick little one sucks but I need to be happy that it isn't something worse. I have lots of people praying for us to get healthy and healed again so I think I am going to save my prayers for those who need my prayers. Cute story: I have a student (Kynia) who told a woman I work with that every night she prays for me. The thing is I know she is telling the truth. It isn't the Facebook "praying" type of prayer. It's the prayer from a sweet innocent child that I know God hears. What an amazing child to be that young and to actually think and pray for me. That is serious love.
How he sleeps the best right now.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just Straight Up Random

I have no topic today. I can't think of anything I want to write about. I say want because I have a list of topics that I wanted to write about but I don't want to write about those topics so today I'm just going to write...

  • I'm getting over the flu very quickly. Those 2 shots the doctor hooked me up with yesterday were amazing. When he came in and said how do you feel about shots I just sort of smirked. Shots do not bother a person who feels like death. 
  • I can't find a cute outfit for Jack to wear for his Easter pictures tomorrow. Well let me take that back, I found lots of cute outfits but I just can't pay 30-40 bucks for an outfit he will only wear once. I wish I would have bought him these cute outfits earlier so he could have at least wore it a couple times.

  • I broke a tooth today so it's to the dentist for me tomorrow. 
  • My house has accumulated too much stuff. When I first moved in here 3 years ago it was so empty and now it is too full. My newest plan is to rid myself of a lot of stuff.  When you get sick you want things to be clean. Also have you noticed that when you get sick you feel the urge to only want to be super healthy once you get better? I start promising myself that I'll workout and eat healthy if I will only get better.
  • Kree on American Idol is my favorite.
  • I'm addicted to chewing on's a new obsession. I've heard that means that my iron is low so I started taking iron pills but I'm still loving the ice. Now that I think about it-that might be why I broke a tooth.
  • Jack needs his 4 month shots but I can't do it, yet no one else can take him. The first time he got shots my husband was able to go with me and so he held him while the nurse did it. The nurse asked me to leave the room because I started crying as soon as I walked in there. I know I can't do it alone. I'm trying to bribe my sister to do it, but she has never taken her own kid (my mom always took him). Since my mom broke her leg she can't do it. 
  • I can't wait for summer. I will have almost 3 whole months to be with Jack every single day. I am so excited about buying him a little pool. We are going to have the best time. 
Well chicas I really want to get started on throwing things out while I am feeling decent right now. Jack is napping and I don't feel like death at the moment (thank you medicine). 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I have the flu.
That's it.
Hope to be back tomorrow.
Now I am going back to sleep.
Leaving you with a few pics from the week.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Loving Right Now

I love products! I have a small obsession that I am totally okay with. Commercials get me every single time which is why I try to fast forward through them. My favorite products are usually the ones my people tell me about. My people being bloggers and my closest BFFs. My friends are never shocked to receive a text that reads “you gotta try…” If I love it then I must spread the word. I also spread the word because I gotta keep them in business. If it is a movie, book, or cd I automatically feel a connection to them and imagine them sitting at home on their computer looking over and over at their sales and then I want to make them happy by clicking buy. Okay so I’m a little neurotic. Nothing new! So anywhooo…I want to tell you about some of my favorite things right now.

  Victoria Secret Pro Airbrush FX Perfecting Primer
O-M-G! A 15 year old showed me this product and it is amazing. It feels so good going on and it really works. I shouldn't admit this but I wore my make-up for 2 days after using this product. My make-up still looked amazing on Monday morning (I tried it out on Sunday) so I went with it.

  What’s the Word? App
I’m sure everybody and their mamma knows about this game but since I JUST got an iPhone 5 I’m new to it. I heart it-seriously! My husband is also in love with it also. Yesterday I was playing it and he said “oh no-put it up-you know that is our night game”. Yep, that is what he said. At night we lay in bed and play What’s the Word. So romantic!

I love a book that makes me feel bad-A and gangsta. It’s all about being good to you. I always need and appreciate those little reminders. I have it on my phone, and although I've finished it, I still go to certain passages to get a little pep talk when I need one.

  Magic Erasers
I bought Magic Erasers forever ago and just opened them up last weekend. Holy moley those things work! I was so excited to go from room to room to see what I could clean. Basically I ended up with a bunch of half cleaned things.  My husband was so impressed that he cleaned most of the bathtub.  See how I said “most”. He is as bad as me about clean hopping.

The Following
I can’t help but sing Footloose every time I see Kevin Bacon. He is still a yummy. This thriller has me hooked. I never know what to expect. It isn't my kind of show but now that my mom forced me to watch it I am beyond addicted. Like so addicted that I actually look forward to Mondays (gasp!).

This is 40

I had really wanted to see it when it was in theaters but my life was crazy at that time so I knew we would have to wait until it was out for home viewing. Friday night, the three of us (Jack, Husband, and I) crawled in the bed to actually watch a movie. It was hilarious. Like seriously so funny. So funny that I watched it again 2 days later. I’m not surprised I loved it so much because I have seen Knocked Up at least 20 times. 

  Burger King’s Iced Mocha Latte
Sunday I decided to take an hour for me. I went to Walgreens and piddled around and then stopped by BK for a tasty treat. I decided to try an iced mocha latte because I enjoy the hot ones from McDonalds. I was very pleased! It was the perfect afternoon treat.  Too bad they aren't calorie free.

Well there you have it-my favorite things as of late.

What are some things you are digging right now?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lemon Meringue Krispy Treats

I went to the store with the intention of making Easter rice kripy treats. I came home and made Easter rice kripy treats but with a twist. The twist came when I found these-

My whole thought was rice krispies are the bomb, why not use lemon meringue marshmallows for a nice spring flavor?

So you just make rice krispy treats as usual but use the lemon meringue marshmallows (they also have key lime ones as well).

So here are the krispy treats made as usual.

I then used cookie cutters to cut out flowers and butterflies and then dipped them in white chocolate and decorated.

These are very poorly decorated. I don't have the skills people. 
So now to the taste.
I hated them. My husband loved them.
They were a LOT more lemony than I would have thought.
If you love lemon flavors then you are the person for these treats.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

20 Wishes (Progress or Lack There Of)

1. Crochet a blanket
So no time for that

2. Make a scrapbook
No progress since last month but really want to do this

3. Spend a romantic weekend with my husband
We have been planning something but nothing solid yet

4. Do a spa day with my mom and sister
Planning this for Mother's Day

5. Weigh under 160
Lost 4 lbs but so still off my goal as I drink a Dr. Pepper

6. Attend a wine tasting
What is wine again???

7. Host a party for friends?
Friends??? Where did they go? Can I change it to host a party for Jack??

8. Charitable marathon
I only got to walk once last week-damn weather!

9. Visit 3 places I've never been.
I haven't been anywhere

10. Take family portraits
Summer maybe....this is starting to sound like the most depressing 20 Wishes progress ever

11. Cook something new once a month.
Oh I did this one!! Woohoo!!! I so cook more than one new thing each month.

12. Eyebrows done
Soon, promise, k!

13. Do 10 acts of random kindness.

14. Get a new hairdo
Did it!!!!!!!!!! Just got my hair did on Tuesday.

15. Pick a charity

16. Put together a family recipes book.
I started this one and really need to continue

17. Family vacation
Hopefully this summer

18. Matching undergarments
Want to lose weight first

19. Blog giveaway

20. Personalized gifts for friends or family.
I have done 2 of these so far.

So here is my progress so far. Makes me kinda sad that I haven't done more and it is almost April. In my defense when I came up with this list I was just pregnant and had no idea how hard having a newborn would be. We mommies are some hard working women!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Letters

I hope everyone is having a great day. I'm having a productive day which isn't unusual but this is even more so for only 10:30 in the morning. Here is my Friday letter.

Dear Husband,
I hope you enjoyed your "me" night. How nice of me to get you The Hobbit and bring you supper to bed as you watched the longest movie ever. I have to say if I would have known it was going to be that long I wouldn't have gotten it for you-just kidding-you deserved it.

Dear Jack,
Baby, I am so sorry that you are still sick. That running nose is driving you and I both crazy. I will say I appreciate you only getting up once last night and then going back to sleep after only 45 minutes. Mama appreciates it more than you know.

Dear House,
How do you get so dirty? I hope you are enjoying getting so clean today. Please stay that way for awhile.

Dear Spring Break,
Where did you go? I miss you already! Now you will be forgotten and summer promises will take your place.

Dear Laundry,
I'm kicking your butt today so haha!

Dear Self,
Take a break for God's deserve it.


Enjoy the weekend party people....keep your hearts happy!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Pressure to Sleep

When you are pregnant everyone and I mean everyone tells you what to do. The biggest to do was "sleep now". I hated hearing this because it wasn't like I gave up sleep like I did alcohol when I got pregnant. I never understood it until I had a baby. I still think it makes no sense. Sleep doesn't work like a savings account. What I think they meant and what I am telling all soon-to-be moms is when you have a good nights sleep acknowledge it. Appreciate it. Celebrate it even. Once baby is here sleep will never be the same. Let me explain.
1. You get the mom ear. Even when you do sleep you will always have one ear busy listening for the cry of your baby. We also have one of those alarms that goes off when Jack stops breathing and hearing that thing go off at 3 am is a huge adrenaline rush (now I don't panic as badly because he is always fine- those things are kind of a pain).
2. You suddenly can't sleep because of all the horrible Life Time movies you watched. Someone stealing my baby freaks my brain out. Or the house catching on fire. Or basically any thing that has ever happened on one of those movies.
3. To do list brain credit roll. I had it before baby but now that I have a baby it is much worse. My to dos actually run like movie credits in my mind. I use to could pop a Tylenol PM and go to dreamland but now I am too nervous I'll sleep too hard and not hear Jack.
4. Sleep now issue. As soon as Jack is down for the night I feel like I have to go to sleep right then because he may sleep an hour or two or four. It is a lot of pressure to go to sleep as quickly as possible.
5. Sleep when the baby sleeps pressure. Oh my husband and I butted heads on this one a lot. Still kinda do. So people say sleep when the baby sleeps.
A. If you can fall asleep quickly great for you. I just can't. It takes me at least 30 minutes to even get near sleep and my body just isn't a great napper. I could be running on almost no sleep and still not fall asleep during the day. This is especially true when you could easily be awaken any second.
B. If you slept every time the baby slept you would get little done and zero me time. Jack's naps was my time to do laundry, dishes, shower, blog, call a friend, or cook. You may have one of those amazing low maintenance babies but you might have a high needs baby who freaks out when he is put down (from day one). I told my mom he either really loves me and can't get enough or he hates me.

It is 3:45 am and Jack is up partying so I write to keep myself awake and to spread the word to soon to be moms that when you sleep well to really love and appreciate it-your sleep days are numbered!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Wish My Mom Hadn't Taught Me

My mom never went anywhere without us kids. 
The only places she went anyways was the grocery store, to visit a family member, or church.
If she went-we went too.
Now where was my dad?
Oh he was there and a wonderful father he is but he just didn't "babysit" us much.
Once when my mom went to see her younger brother graduate military school  and was
 going to be gone a couple days, my dad was left in charge.
We didn't go to school-we went fishing.
We also ate every meal for either a gas station or Bumpers (which was basically a Sonic).

My mom is the best cook. 
She cleans like a mad woman.
She is always helping people out. 
I thought that is just what moms did. 
She taught me that moms never have fun.

The only thing I ever saw her do with a group of women is sit around the dinning room table 
complaining about all they do.
I thought I wanted to be in this club of women. 
Boy was I wrong!
I never thought how hard it must be for her.

I struggle daily to break this cycle.
I find myself giving my husband the best piece of cooked meat and hell I cooked it.
Cleaning when I should be sitting on the couch watching trash tv.
Taking Jack with me to places when his dad is more than capable and willing to parent.

Why do we do this to ourselves? 

Friday (my birthday) I proclaimed no more.

Moms just wanna have fun too.
So I told my husband he was in charge of Jack for a few hours that evening and I went out and had dinner with a friend.
Tuesday I went and got my hair done as part of my 20 Wishes. 
I've even worked out a babysitter for the near future so I can get a mani/pedi.
Not every single day can be a mom fun day, and I know this, but I want Jack to grow up thinking 
Mom looks really happy-not tired. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

Cheltee has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award! 
This post was so fun to write!
So here it is...

11 Facts About Me

1. I have zero knowledge of website codes and I hate that I do not have this knowledge. I consider myself a pretty smart gal but I've tried figuring it out and all it does is frustrate me.

2. I hate commercials. I always mute them or if I can I fast forward through them. My husband loves commercials so we argue about this quite a bit.

3. The first time I ever had a drink was at my cousins 16th birthday sleepover. We took vodka from her aunt's liquor cabinet and took shots. I just went with the crowd. Big mistake! I prayed over the toilet to God to please let me live and I would never drink again (didn't stick to that). I was however 18 and legal in the Bahamas the next time I had a drink. Our parents still think we all had the stomach virus that was actually going around at the time.

4. I met my husband at a bar and got pregnant after a night out at that same bar. It is called All Stars and we thought about giving little one (if he was a she) the middle name Star for that reason. 

5. I mumble way to much and I hate it. I think my husband hates it more.

6. My favorite book is She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. You know it's your favorite book when you can read it over and over. 

7. I've watched General Hospital since I was in elementary school. I use to record it on VHS back in the day. I'm still a huge fan and my bestie is also a fan so we talk about it a lot. 

8. When I was a child I didn't play house I played college. I even had my mom buy me a pair of red high heals because that is what I thought college students wore.  I am also the first and only family member (on both sides) to ever finish college. I'm very proud of that. 

9. My brother is in a wheelchair and has been his whole life.We never treated him any different. He played baseball. He did chores. He tortured me. He was just a regular brother. I like that I don't have a nervousness around people in wheelchairs because of my brother. I even have a good friend who is in a wheelchair.

10. I never thought I would be able to have babies because of the many female issues I've always had. It was a shock. I was eating right and exercising to prepare for my wedding and then 3 days before my 30th birthday I got the 2 lines. I took the test because I was 2 days late and had planned on having some pre-birthday drinks with friends. Surprised! 

11. I'm addicted to Scentsy. I'm actually getting griped out about the Scentsy box that just came in the mail. I have 2 dogs in the house so Scentsy is very needed. 
1.    What is your blog all about?
It is all about being the best mom and wife I can be. It documents all the new things I am learning as I take on these new roles.
2.    Where do you want to see your blog in the next year?
I would love to reach out to more people. It is more about quality than quantity. I want followers who can't wait to read my posts the same way I feel about so many bloggers out there. My life doesn't feel complete until I have read certain bloggers each day. 
3.    If you could do a Button Swap with any blogger who would it be?
This month I sponsored Megan at Absolute Mommy because I just love her blog posts. They are always so funny and real.
4.    What is your happiest place on Earth?
JJ's in Fayetteville. I love love love margaritas, wings, and Razorback football!
5.    What month were you born in?
March. Growing up my birthday always landed during Spring Break. What was awesome is that my senior year several of us went to the Bahamas during Spring Break so I got to turn 18 in the Bahamas which was pretty awesome.
6.    What is your dream job?
I never thought I would say this but my dream job would be a stay at home mom. Basically a working mom has to do all the same jobs but in a shorter amount of time.
7.    Do you like to Text or Call?
Depends on who it is. If it is my bestie then call. Most other people a text will do just fine. 
8.    Favorite Social Media Site?
Instagram. I'm new (I'm so behind) to the Instagram world. You can follow me on Instagram by clicking here.
9.    If you could switch lives with a famous person, who would you switch with?
Miranda Lambert. I would love to have a few drinks with Blake Shelton sitting on a front porch just talking. They seem to be the funnest couple ever.
10.  What is your favorite thing to Shop for?
Baby clothes for Jack. I really wanted a girl because I wanted to buy cutesy girl stuff but shopping for a boy isn't all that bad. It seems the boy style has gotten much better.
11.  What is one goal you have this year?
To be the best mom and wife I can be. 

Here are the rules:

The following blogs have been nominated:
Nikki @ Just Lovely
Louise @ My May Sunshine (she has some great printables)
Sarah Beth @ Our Family of Three

I totally just realized I didn't write any questions for you to answer and since I have 5 minutes just answer the questions I was asked...they were wonderful questions!

Love you all!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

What To Do With Myself?

Hey party people! I'm one excited Mama tonight because I have a night off. 
Oh what shall I do???
My sister agreed to watch Jack while I did whatever I wanted.
So what am I gonna do?
1. Blog with no interruptions!
2. Do some cleaning-not too much because it is after all my night off. It will be nice to do some cleaning without being constantly stopped.
3. Watch The Following in bed while eating Chinese food.
4. Take a nice long hot shower.
5. Snuggle with the husband.
6. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep! 
7. Take my time getting ready in the morning.
8. Get my hair done.
9. Get a mani/pedi.
10. Miss my little baby the whole time.

I really struggled with the idea of leaving him for the night but I thought to myself that I can't be the best me running at this rate. I want to enjoy him as much as possible and you just can't do that when you can't keep your eyes open. I've been so frumpy and grumpy lately and I hate it. It is just so not like me. 
I need to recharge.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

5 For Five

I'm linking up today with Jessica at Fantastically Average for another round of 5 for Five.
It wasn't a perfect week but it was decent. 
I did okay-just not great.
So here goes...
1. Send out my Cara Box-big fat negative. I almost sent it out. I had everything together. I even got in the car to head to the post office but then got a phone call that I needed to take so did not end up at the post office. Everything is still in the trunk of my car so I have to get it done ASAP.

2. Stick to my meal plan for the week-yeah me! I've done so much better with making a meal plan on Sunday and then sticking to it. I like that I know what we are eating each night. It makes things so much easier. Plus all the grocery shopping done on one day makes everything easier.

3. Do something nice for my husband-bad wife. I really wanted to do something nice for my husband and I failed miserably. I do plan on buying him The Hobbit on Tuesday so that will be something nice.

4. Clean out the linen closet-I rock! It looks so good now. It is much more organized now. I plan on doing a post about it soon.

5. Get caught up on paying bills-this is a kinda. I DID get caught up on paying the bills and then a few days later I was snowballed again with the massive medical bills.

This week:
Let me start with that although it is Spring Break I will not have much break. I'm spending my days at my mom's house helping her since her leg is broken and watching my nephew Bennett.

1.Clean off the massive pile of papers off my dining room table.

2. Replant my new plant that I got for my birthday.

3. Seriously clean my den.

4. Clean out my fridge (dreading this one)

5. Do something nice for my mom since she is stuck in a chair.

If you would like to link up just click the button below.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yummy Spring Popcorn

The other day while at Walmart I found Crunch 'n Munch on sale for 50 cents so I went ahead and picked up 2 boxes and then came home to decide what I would do with it. I ran across this blog post for Easter Candy Popcorn and went to work.

I took the Crunch 'n Munch and poured it on my big platter.

Take 1/2 stick of butter, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, and 1/2 bag of marshmallows and melt together.

In the middle of the melting process this little fellow woke up and was throwing himself a fit because he wanted a bottle. I made a bottle one handed while still stirring and I did a big no no.

This was the only time I had ever done this. I really didn't want my mixture to burn.

I poured the melted mixture on top and lightly tossed and threw on some pink and white candies. 

Once dried a little I balled them up and put in cupcake liners and stuck a spring pick in each one.
This worked out great for when I put plastic wrap on top to take to Jack's daycare. 

Super easy and yummy and it makes a great little treat. 
The original recipe called for regular popcorn but this worked out really great because peanuts were already in there to give them a little hint of salt.
Sweet & Salty...can't go wrong with that! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Husband, Heather, and Parents-Thank you for the beautiful birthday flowers and plant. It made me feel extra special today. Everyone kept coming into the library to look at just how pretty they were. Now getting them home wasn't a pretty site but they made it and look beautiful at home.
Dear Spring Break-I ask you to please take your time and not hurry. I have lots I want to get done. Not only do I want to be productive but I also want to spend lots of quality time with Jack.
Dear Jack-I love you dearly but this 4 month sleep regression is for the birds. What happened to my sleeping through the night baby? Mama misses her sleep. Even though I love our special time in the middle of the night, Mama is a much nicer person when she gets sleep.
Dear Lexi-I would appreciate if you would stop digging the trash out. Mama has enough to do without cleaning up your mess every day when she gets home. I know you miss us not being here during the day but please find something else to do.
Dear car-We have enough money issues right now so no matter how many times you turn your check engine light on you are not getting replaced so you need to deal.
One Tired Mama


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Organized Pantry

Quick glance at newly organized pantry. Had to take picture at an angle due to the wall in front of the pantry. We have to use a hall closet as a pantry. Our space is highly limited.

I'm happy with the final results!

Here is the newly organized cabinet that use to act as our pantry.

Organization makes my heart happy!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sick Baby+ER Visit=Exhausted Mommy

Saturday while hubby and I did a little shopping my mom called to inform me that Jack wasn't breathing well. He has had the sniffles, a little cough, a few sneezes but nothing worth worrying over.
When we got the call we decided to come on home.
He seemed fine.
We even took this picture to show off this cute little tie I picked up from the Dollar Spot at Target.

As the day progressed he got worse. 
He wouldn't sleep.
Poor thing would try and then wake up screaming.

Sunday night still no better so we decided to take him to the ER (I did too much googling and got myself all worried about RSV). 
We walked in to a full ER.
Keep in mind we live in a small town so this is unusual. We waited about an hour and then decided to leave. 
There were 3 people with the flu.
1 with the stomach virus.
1 lady was bleeding everywhere.
Another sick baby.
And a boy with a plastic toy up his nose.
I started freaking out over any of us catching what was going on with the folks in the ER.
We got home and husband goes  to sleep and I stay up with Jack. 
Finally at 3 am I wake husband back up and say it is time to head back to the ER.

No one was in there!
However, we still were forced to wait 2 hours.
The doctor didn't even touch Jack.
Literally going to have to pay him hundreds of dollars for nothing.
Was told to follow up with Jack's doctor.

We got a little bored with all the waiting and decided to use it as a photo opportunity. 
Husband looks way better with no sleep than I do. Damn men!

Since this post was written we have been to the doctor and he has an upper respiratory infection. He was given meds and sent home until Wednesday. If he has shown lots of improvement we will continue with the meds at home. If not, he will go into the hospital to be put under the tent. Honestly I think he is better and that we will be able to bypass the hospital.

My first baby sickness has kicked my butt. I try and look at the positive side which is lots of snuggles with Jack and me and the husband have gotten closer.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Two Quick Crafts

I really wanted to make a spring wreath but I'm not very crafty so I had to figure out a way for a simpleton like myself to make one.
I found the SPRING letters, the sparkly Easter eggs, and the bunnies at Walmart. Those 3 items cost me a dollar each. Score!
The Easter egg in the middle came from the Dollar Tree.
The wreath from Michael's was just a few dollars.
I started by painting the wreath white and then hot glued the cute stuff.

My second quick craft was wrapping a letter in washi tape.
I plan on using the R for a wreath but haven't figured out the wreath part yet but am thinking about doing something with yellow.

I don't have a lot of crafty blood running through my veins so I have to do things that are simple.
It's fun being crafty and I really enjoy making special touches for our family home.

5 for Five

I haven't linked up in awhile and I'm excited to link back up because I'm such a to do list kinda gal.
Being held accountable is even better.
I'm waiting for the day when I can say I completely all 5 items.
Just click on the image above to link along with us.

1. Send out my Cara Box.
2. Stick to my meal plan for the week.
3. Do something nice for my husband.
4. Clean out linen closet.
5. Get caught up on paying bills. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Surviving Being a Working Mom

Since I have a 4 month old I'm an expert on all things mommy...right?
Well of course not but I thought I would share with you what has worked for us dealing with 2 full time working parents, 2 messy fur babies, and a little one in daycare. 

1. Meal plan and grocery shop on the weekends. My mom always said the hardest part of cooking was coming up with something to cook and boy was she right on. I found this mom journal at Walgreens for one buckaroo. I use it to plan my meals and make out my grocery list. 

2. Take showers at night. I miss the wake up feeling that a morning shower gave me but no more dealing with that extra in the morning hours. I would rather spend my time sleeping.

3. Lay out your clothes and your baby's clothes. No more changing my mind or having no time for that in am hours. 

4. Trade off morning responsibilities. One morning I wake up Jack to feed, change, and dress him and the next morning my husband does it. What does the other one do? Make the bed. Spend extra time getting dressed. Let the dogs out. Watch tv. Do quick cleaning. Just whatever they feel the need to do (the mornings husband dresses Jack more house things get done but you probably figured that one out).

5. If your daycare allows (and most do) bring in bulk. No more packing a bag for Jack each morning. He has EVERYTHING he might EVER need at daycare (even down to his own thermometer). I'm not saying they use it on just him but that is what I tell myself. I only worry they don't because the other day I picked him up and he was wearing an outfit that didn't belonged to him. It fit. It was cute. Probably need to buy one for him but it wasn't his. Oh well! I kinda flipped a little (accidentally) and the woman was so sweet and felt so bad but I didn't mean to sound like I was flipping out I just came in confused. She even said she was sorry the next morning and I felt like a total ass. I really was just worried that we were "stealing" someone else's clothes. 

Well there you have it ladies-a few tips on surviving being a working mom. I'll share more as I fumble my way through it.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gotta Make This Super Quck

Although it is only 9:30 pm, I gotta make this quick because Jack is actually asleep. Now he could wake up any moment and my plans of sleeping could be ruined but I'm holding on to hope that he might make it a couple of hours before I have to force myself awake to care for his needs. 

My little man started daycare on Monday and so far I'm pleased. Not delighted. Not over the moon. Just pleased. I would much rather take care of him my own damn self but when you gotta work, you gotta work. I'm still holding out hope of winning the lottery but since I don't buy tickets that often I doubt I will see a windfall any time soon. 

The daycare was wonderful enough to work some kids around to fit Jack in. When my mom broke her leg AND her knee she was out of the babysitting business. To show my gratitude and to hopefully butter them up to cushion that Jack is extra taken care of I made them fudge. Any person who is taking care of a child, let along a whole bunches, needs fudge. I found this recipe over at Artsy Fartsy Mama I knew I wanted to make it because it was super easy. 3 ingredients easy!

You take a bag of chocolate chips, a bag of the Andes mint chips, and a can of sweetened condensed milk and you bake microwave.
Melt your chocolates for 3 minutes, mix, add in the milk, pour, and refrigerate. Not a bad deal.
To give them a Patty's Day feel my husband added a little green.
My husband is no decorator but it was cute that he
wanted to help.
Well ladies this lady is out and headed to bed for as long as my little fussy butt will allow. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Crockpot Chicken Parm

When I made this meal on Wednesday I was not expecting that my mom would break her leg, end up in the hospital, and have to have surgery and therefore I did not get a plated picture. 

It was a very easy and yummy dish.
Anything in a crock pot gets my vote. 

Slow Cooker Liners are my favorite things since I HATE cleaning out the crock pot.

1. Put one tablespoon of olive oil in the bottom of your crock pot.
2. Take Italian bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese and mix together. I used a 1/2 cup of crumbs to 1/4 cup of cheese.
3. Crack an egg into a dish and whisk.

4. Dip chicken in egg and then cover with the crumb/cheese mixture and then put in crock pot.

5. Throw some mozzarella cheese on top.

6. Pour marinara sauce on top.
7. Cook on low for 6 hours.
8. Serve on top of spaghetti noodles.

The original recipe came from here at Not So Perfect Mom.
For more yummy recipes follow me on Pinterst!