Sunday, March 17, 2013

5 For Five

I'm linking up today with Jessica at Fantastically Average for another round of 5 for Five.
It wasn't a perfect week but it was decent. 
I did okay-just not great.
So here goes...
1. Send out my Cara Box-big fat negative. I almost sent it out. I had everything together. I even got in the car to head to the post office but then got a phone call that I needed to take so did not end up at the post office. Everything is still in the trunk of my car so I have to get it done ASAP.

2. Stick to my meal plan for the week-yeah me! I've done so much better with making a meal plan on Sunday and then sticking to it. I like that I know what we are eating each night. It makes things so much easier. Plus all the grocery shopping done on one day makes everything easier.

3. Do something nice for my husband-bad wife. I really wanted to do something nice for my husband and I failed miserably. I do plan on buying him The Hobbit on Tuesday so that will be something nice.

4. Clean out the linen closet-I rock! It looks so good now. It is much more organized now. I plan on doing a post about it soon.

5. Get caught up on paying bills-this is a kinda. I DID get caught up on paying the bills and then a few days later I was snowballed again with the massive medical bills.

This week:
Let me start with that although it is Spring Break I will not have much break. I'm spending my days at my mom's house helping her since her leg is broken and watching my nephew Bennett.

1.Clean off the massive pile of papers off my dining room table.

2. Replant my new plant that I got for my birthday.

3. Seriously clean my den.

4. Clean out my fridge (dreading this one)

5. Do something nice for my mom since she is stuck in a chair.

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