Monday, March 31, 2014

Intentional Knowledge

This past Tuesday I posted on my goal of wanting to be more intentional. You can read all about it here. One of my most difficult issues was exactly understanding what it means to be intentional. I started doing some research in hopes of expanding my knowledge. 

Thankfully I landed on the website Intentional Living which equipped me with some of the knowledge I've been needing. 

She defined intention as knowing why you do what you do and why you don't do what you don't do. Wrap your mind around that one! Talk about some deep thinking. Not only deep thinking, but a lot of thinking.

She went on to say that in order to be intentional one must do the following:
1. Think through decisions
2. Consider consequences
3. Make decisions with eyes wide open
4. Evaluate as needed

Reading through the site I wrote down some other important notes that I want to share with you:
*Do the things that are important to you even when they are not easy.
*Define your values and make choices that reflect those values.
*Be able to see the things that other people are doing, appreciate them, and then pick and choose the ones that are the best fit for your family.

You can read more on her website at

My take away: I am going to write down all the things in my life that need changing. Beside each item I am going to write down why I do the thing that is making my life more difficult. My goal is to focus on these categories:

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Active Mama Series (March)

 Violet Imperfection

This is my 3rd month of participating in the Active Mama Series. So far this has been the most difficult month to be an active mama. Here is a look back on what we did do.

1// We finally made it to The Wonder Place. I've been wanting to go for awhile and the stars finally aligned and we were able to make it happen. Jack absolutely loved it. You can read more about the whole experience here

2// For my birthday I really wanted the family to go to the zoo. I got my way and we had lots of fun. I don't have any pictures for you yet but I will soon.

3// There have been a few fairly nice days here in Arkansas. On those days we head outside because Jack loves being outside . He is obsessed with sticks. After hanging around the yard, I decided a trip to the park would be the right move. It allowed me to get a little walking in and he got to do his favorite thing, swing. 

4// I wanted to do a spring art project with him so I found a cute picture on Pinterest where you use the hands and feet to make a flower. We've always been able to do art projects before with no problem. Not this time. When I put the paint on his feet he grabbed at it and stuck his hands on his face and in his mouth. He never fussed but you could tell he didn't like me painting it on him. I hurried this project alone.

The big things this month were going to The Wonder Place and the Little Rock Zoo. Both events were wonderful! We are spending more and more time outside as it continues to warm up. Since Jack absolutely LOVES being outside we will be out there as much as possible. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Won the Bet

I've heard amazing things about this play center for kids called The Wonder Place. It is located in Little Rock which is an hour and a half drive for us. I knew I wanted to have at least one family day during Spring Break. 

Jeremy had looked at the website and was hell bent that Jack wouldn't like it. I knew with 100% certainty that Jack would love it. Come on, the kid has played with his poop and thought it was the coolest thing ever. We both agreed not to emphasis any area and that we would just put Jack down and let him call the bet. 

When we pulled up to the location Jeremy said "I might have been wrong". The building windows were adorable and fun. You could see inside at all the colors, kids, and toys. 

When we walked inside and put Jack down he forgot about us and ran for the toys. Normally he doesn't leave my side but he didn't care about mom at all. Jeremy quickly admitted that he had been wrong and we got busy with fun. 

Jack kept drinking the water...ugh!

Look who is playing like a kid.

Splish Splash

I want to make one of these.

Tunnel full of mirrors for a vain little boy. 

More block playing fun!

He didn't care too much for the sand table. 

Good 'ole wooden blocks are always fun!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Coming up with a word for 2014 was as easy as picking pecan over sweet potato pie. There was no contest. 


Energy Flows Where Intention Goes by halfmoonyoga: Sankalpa is resolve or will and has the potential of harnessing inner strength by choosing, defining and clearly focusing on a specific goal.   ‘How is it that I want to show up in the world today?’ ‘What are the things that I need to do to move in that direction?’ ‘ What are the barriers to achieving my intention for this day?’ #Yoga #Intention #Sankapla

I've always wanted to be a more intentional person. It's a quality I had always wanted to posses. My friend Jessica is the most intentional person I know and I enjoy hearing about her day because it all is so intentional. What makes me really jealous is that she is a natural intentionalist (yep, I just made that word up). 

Days will go by without my mind even thinking about my goal of becoming more intentional. Something will happen and I'll remember "oh yeah I'm suppose to be intentional". 

Being a more intentional person is such a wonderful goal but yet a very difficult goal. It is vague and immeasurable. What is the hardest aspect of being intentional? There isn't a clear cut guide to become intentional. 

How does one actually become intentional? I'm a go by the books kind of gal. I need steps to walk me through. Where is my math equation to plug in numbers? There is no map to follow. I wish there were because this would be much easier for me. 

When I chose it as my word at the beginning of the year I didn't put any thought as to how exactly I was going to be intentional and exactly what it meant. My loose plan was to write a to do list daily and write monthly goals. After doing more research there is more to being intentional then writing lists. 

I'm not exactly sure where to go from here but I'm still searching for an answer. 

I'm doing what I can to be intentional about being intentional.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Martyr Me

That time is now!  Just to do whatever soak in tub, crack open a new novel or do whatever for a hour or two.

Maggie at Bedtime Stories  brought up a valid point in her post about mommies and "me time". This line really conjured up feelings about my own life. 

If I genuinely value my "me time" so much as to lament its loss, why not put more effort and energy into protecting it?
Isn't it in the Mommy Handbook to always be busy and always complain about how much time you are self-sacrificing? Moms get together and moan about how they never get any "me time". It's a club mantra. Once I became a mother I completely bought into it. My job was to always be busy (which did happen at first) and never take time for myself. Even in every thing you read about taking time for yourself you read "take time for yourself, even if that means just taking a shower". Okay, a peaceful shower is wonderful but that does not count as "me time". 

Oh what a martyr I've been. Shame on me!

There have been a few times where I have went out for my own enjoyment but that is not enough time for a living soul. 

Since I complain so much about never getting "me time" then why do I not create it? And why, when it is created for me, do I not take the offer and run with it? Guilty martyr! 

Are you good about taking "me time"?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Adding Bits of Happiness in My Life

Boy let me tell you life has been hard. I have yet to be considered healthy since Jack's birth. He is 16 months old now. I live in almost constant pain that has become such a part of my life that the constant pain has levels of constant pain. Jack is wonderful and my husband works so much for us but is hardly home. I'm not here to talk about the negative side of my life. I'm here to focus on how I'm trying to add positive aspects back into my life. 

1// Cute nail polish
I haven't ever enjoyed doing my own nails but I'm learning to like it. There is something calming about sitting down and focusing on something tedious. My favorite brand right now is Sally Hansen Triple Shine. I first got to try it out in my Influenster box.  I have only ever owned a few nail polishes in the last few years but since trying this brand out I have purchased 4 more. 


2// Colorful To Do Notebook
I'm a list girl. I also love notebooks. I found this beauty at Dollar General for, well, a dollar. Total score! I've been given each day a page and if shopping is on the agenda for that day then the next page becomes the shopping list page. See how smart I am! :)

3// Breaking Back Out the Kindle
Oh how I've missed reading. It is one of my biggest pleasures. I am a librarian and all. I'm currently reading Maxed Out which you can read my review on by clicking here. 

4// Taking a Little More Time On Getting Pretty
I'm not going to lie, it is extremely difficult getting the most basic dressed on a good day. Most morning Jeremy isn't around to help with Jack. On the rare mornings I do wake up before Jack I stay in bed because I don't want to get up. I know the best thing to do is get my booty up and get myself going before he wakes up. You just never know with him. I'd work out but he could wake up screaming in the middle of it. I'm getting off subject. I've been taking a little extra time on my make-up, hair, and accessories. It just makes me feel so much better.

5// Breaking Out the Wine
Sitting down at night after Jack is asleep and having a glass of wine is so nice. I forgot how great wine tastes. I'm currently loving pink moscato. It is something I enjoy and I'm glad to bring it back into my life. It really does help me feel more relaxed. Just pouring the glass puts me into relaxing mode. 

I know this is a champagne glass but I love it and it was a gift from a dear friend.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Break, Here Mama Comes!

Oh how times have changed! Mrs. Mama Richards is going to spend time with her sweet boys and get oh so productive during Spring Break (joys of being a teacher). Ashley once went on a road trip to an unknown location and stayed on a mountain with her roomies during Spring Break. Since Ashley is now a Mrs. Mama there will be no beer runs or canoe trips. However, there will be ice cream runs and park trips. 

T.G.I.S.B. 'Thank God It's Spring Break!' ...said every teacher ever.  You need a break too!  Supreme School Supply of Arcadia has you covered for after Spring Break too!

In between all that ice cream and park fun Mama has got to get a little spring cleaning done and take care of a few other boring adult stuff. Boo to adulthood. Can I get an Amen?

Young Teacher Love: Happy Spring Break Sale!!

It is Saturday morning and I've been up since 3 am with excitement of what this next week means to me. I know you just asked yourself, "Ashley what does this week mean to you?". Well, how about I give you my top 5?

Spring Break Means to Me....

1// No rushed mornings. The mornings around here can be tough. It is all very rushed and chaotic. I am looking forward to waking up slowly and getting to snuggle in the bed with my boys.

2// Lots of good quality time with my Jack and Jeremy. I will not be taking Jack to daycare and Jeremy only has to work 2 days next week. We are planning on making a casino trip (just 45 minutes away) and then also take a trip to The Wonder Place with Jack.

3// A break from hearing Mrs. Ashley. I probably hear that 150 times a day. I get sick of it and I'm thankful for the break from it.

4// Getting caught up on the housework and other things that I'm not able to do while I'm at work during the day. Being productive makes me feel good. 

5// Book and blog reading. I am looking forward to finishing my book Maxed Out. I've already saved a few others on my Amazon wishlist. I'm also really stoked about getting to catch up on my blog reading. Since I'll have a little extra time I am going to click on sidebar buttons. I do that to find new blogs when I have time. 

Spring Break may not mean the same thing to me as it once did but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Okay, that's a lie. A trip to the Bahamas would do the trick. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Facts


1. I was obsessed with The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley High

2. I've read Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. a whole bunch of times even as an adult. 

3. When I read The Prince of Tides I bawled like a baby for a long time and it took me a long time to shake the story off of me. I was so sad when it was over.

4. Wally Lamb's books are wonderful. My favorite is probably She's Come Undone.

5. I only read 50 Shades of Grey because my friend said "I HAD to read it". I was pregnant at the time and I was intrigued by how someone could be interested in that lifestyle.

6. I have only read one Harry Potter book and that was because I had to in college. Just not my thing.

7. I LOVE self-help books. I just enjoy the motivation it provides. I'm currently reading Maxed Out

8. I enjoy the classics as well. I love Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, Great Expectations, Native Son....the list could go on and on.

9. I read children's books all day and the ones the kids love the most are the classics. Today I read Rumpelstiltskin and they were entranced.

10. The book I want to read next is We Are Water.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hardest Part of Motherhood?

1// Regardless if you are sleepy or not I have to get up when he starts crying. There are nights when I've only been asleep 20 minutes and the crying starts. It takes everything in me to roll out of that bed. Then when I finally get him back to sleep and he starts crying soon after I finally get back to sleep. Jack's sleep schedule has gotten so much better but it is still sporadic at times and he is still a very early riser. 

2// You are constantly worried if you are doing enough. I guarantee you I have a 100 thoughts surrounding Jack's well being a day. Am I feeding him enough veggies? Is he saying enough words? Is going to daycare scaring him? Is he gaining enough weight? It is so stressful worrying whether or not you are doing everything you should be doing for the person you love the most. The hardest part is knowing that they depend on you.

3// Oh discipline! You want your child to be a perfect angel so you don't even have to think about discipline. It is your job to teach your child right and wrong. In order to do that you have to hurt them. Of course, I'm not talking physically, but even taking away something he wants he cries so hard.  When his dad tells him no he gets so mad which breaks my heart and he'll come running to me. Jeremy will say "don't coddle him" but my job is to make his world happy. I know it is important to teach discipline but it is not fun.

4// I had unnatural stress early on but has since dealt with that. However, there is some stress that you will always have. I find myself walking right behind him outside in case he falls. I worry when he tries new food hoping he will not have an allergic reaction. I also worry about chocking because Jack puts too much food in his mouth. I have to check on him before I go to bed each night. From talks with other moms this stress is not packing up and going anywhere anytime soon.

5// Speaking of stress, let's talk about techniques. There are so many ways to do one thing when it comes to your child. Every little thing your child does there are various ways for them to do it and it is your job to pick the technique you are going to use. Talk about stress! Those are some big decisions. No matter which way you go there are going to be other moms that don't agree which puts questions in your head. 

I only listed 5 but I really could go on and on because motherhood is honestly the hardest thing in the world. 

What is the hardest part of motherhood for you?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jack Does NOT Take Me Seriously

Moms I need your help. My 16 month old just laughs at me when I tell him no, stop, or don't. He thinks it is the funniest thing. I even use my teacher voice and face. I thought maybe that is what he thought was so funny so I used my regular voice. Nope! Totally didn't work. He just laughs.

Jeremy is the only one he really takes serious. If I'm going to be the main parent he is around then I am going to have to do something or things are going to get out of hand. 

My wish would be that he would just be a perfect angel and I would never have to get onto him but he is my kid. Yesterday he was messing with the plug-ins and I kept telling him no but that didn't work. I finally just had to physically move him. He went right back. His dad got made him stop so he just went right to a chest we have in the living room and started climbing on it. He knows he isn't suppose to climb on it. As he is doing it he is looking at me with a huge grin on his face. 

What am I going to do?

Here is just a taste of what I'm dealing with. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Maxed Out: American Moms On The Brink

Lately I've been struggling with trying to balance working, the house, family and friends, my marriage, and most important caring for Jack. It pains me that I have to send Jack to daycare. I want to spend my days with him but it just isn't possible for us. 

I hit a point where I was feeling so inadequate that everything was a struggle. I decided to look on Amazon for a self-help book. I'm a huge advocate for good self-help books. I ran across Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink. It received wonderful reviews so I decided to buy it. 

So far I have read 60% of it and I have to say I love it! The book is set up like a memoir. At the end of each chapter Katrina gives you facts that deal with that particular chapter. It is startling some of the things I have learned. 

After reading this book I think it is ridiculous that American women are not given at least 6 weeks of pain maternity leave. 

If you are a stressed out mother do yourself a favor and read this book. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Birthday

This is Preston the child that has the same birthday as I do. We had pizza and cupcakes.

Here is the inside of the card that Preston got me. It plays this really fun music.

Here is the front of the card. So funny! 

Here is the Facebook message from my Secret Pal. I love that she doesn't know it is me. This is one New Years Resolution that I am loving!

All those great things happened the day before my birthday. My actual birthday didn't go as great. Jack did not sleep. I ended up just letting him play in his room while I tried to sleep in his floor. That morning I talked to my mom and she said for me to bring him over and that way I could go back home and get a nap. On my way back home I got a flat. I had to call Jeremy.

Thankfully he was able to fix it enough to get it to the tire place. Well he gets home and he is all in a panic. He comes in and announced that he has lost the debit card. I had to call and get it canceled. The banks are closed on Saturday and with no debit card we have no cash. Yuck! I think the rest of the day I need to hide under the covers. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Facts


1. We live in a subdivision called Western Pines. There are pines trees everywhere. We have 11 in our yard. We have pine needles everywhere. I hate having to deal with them. 

2. There is no light in our living room. There is a ceiling fan but no light installed in there. When I bought the house I didn't think about it. Thankfully it has a huge 2 door patio door that lets a lot of light in. At night we use a lamp but I still wish there was a light installed. 

3. We have three bedrooms and we turned the guest room into my craft room. Basically I have zero time to craft so it has turned into a storage room.

4. The previous owners turned the garage into a den. We have never used it. 

5. There is a half bath off the master bedroom. It was a perfectly great bathroom until the night of my sister's bachelorette party. The theme was penis. We even had penis toilet paper. My aunt, my sweet calm loving aunt, ended up passed out in my floor. My brother in law's mom rolled backwards down my hill. I'm not sure what happened to the toilet but it doesn't work anymore. That night I knew my brother in law and his best friend were going to the local bar so I went up there earlier and paid for them 2 shots and 2 beer from me. He thought that was the coolest thing. I didn't tell them. When they came in the bartender set it before them and said it was from me and for them to have fun.

6. We don't have a dining room. Our kitchen table is in the kitchen and it is small as it is. We rarely eat there anyways because it has turned into a catch all. Yes, we could turn that den into a kitchen but it would be weird due to the set up of the house. 

7. Our bathroom is stupidly small. When I bought the house it was just me so it wasn't that big of a deal. Now that we have a potty chair and a basket of bath toys it is way too small now. 

8. We have a big backyard but I wish it were fenced in. In the backyard there is a huge ditch (like super huge) that goes down like 6 feet so I really have to watch Jack when we are outside. 

9. Jack's room is my favorite room probably because I decorated it myself. There are so many little touches in there that make it so special. I really put my heart and soul into that room. Currently it is a mess. As soon as I clean it up he destroys it.

10. We have a really big utility room. I wish our bathroom was that size. The one thing I don't like about it is that we took up the flooring when I moved in because it was broken up vinyl squares. The plan was to put flooring down but here we are 4 years later and it is still concrete. The idea of having to take the washer and dryer out does seem daunting. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Facebook Rant and Rave


Oh the age old question, "should we put our true lives on Facebook or be worried about being portrayed as perfect?". 

I have to say I'm on the fence but I do have my own personal standards regarding my Facebook life. I'm pretty sure Facebook wasn't created for someone to document every true aspect of their life. We all know that one girl who doesn't live a party life, has a husband and kids, is a stay at home mom, is a typical good girl and documents every time she moves a muscle.  Her kid will try on a hat and she'll create an album. Every supper menu is posted. It's redundant but it isn't harmful. 

It's much butter, but not nearly as entertaining, as the drama girl who lives in a world full of breakups and new love (within weeks of each other). Her posts usually ignite fury in another girl in a similar position and they start a Facebook fight. Yep, I'm looking and laughing. I think they look like fools but I'm looking.

A few people on my friend's list have to frame every aspect like they walk around in a state of pure bliss where each fleeting moment reminds them of a Thoreau quote. Give them a kid or two and it really comes off as BS. Who with kids even has time to portray their lives so blissful? Then I feel bad because who is to say that isn't their reality. Maybe they have it figured out and instead of being jealous, I should be taking notes. Don't get me wrong. I don't believe they have it ALL figured out and although it appears that her husband and children are perfect we all know they aren't. It doesn't make her a bad person for not saying other people's imperfections. I actually could take a lesson from that. Do I wish these gals would stop putting quotes about the miracles of life with every picture? You betcha. 

So on to how this post came about. Last night one of my Facebook friends ranted about how she is sick of people presenting themselves and their family to be perfect on Facebook. It was a lot longer and had some choice words but you get the gist. Lots of people agreed with her. There would have been a time that I would have agreed with her. I had 2 problems with her rant. 1. She is one of those people that my close friend actually hid because she got sick of hearing about how wonderful her husband is and how hot he is. The funny/not funny side of it is that her husband tells anyone who will listen (after a few drinks) that he wants to divorce her but he didn't want to pay child support. 2. What is so bad about people showing there best selves? You don't want to hear, and I don't want to share, every thought (no matter how negative) just so someone doesn't accuse me of being fake. 

So here is my opinion. It is your Facebook account and you are free to put whatever you choose on your account. If people don't want to see it they do not have to follow you. Personally, I wish people wouldn't bash others on Facebook because it is tacky (even though it can be so entertaining to follow). I think it is cute when mother's brag on their kids but there is a such thing as being humble. I love giving someone a compliment that isn't fished for. If you have a super hot boyfriend/husband congrats! I hope that every wife thinks her husband is attractive. Saying something cute about how sexy your husband is can be adorable but don't cross the line into sounding like a teenager. At any point where you can make me giggle using your Facebook, by all means, please do it.

What is your personal stance on the real/fake Facebook debate?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

To the Point of Reading Self-Help Books

I am sick to death of not enjoying my life like I want to. Yes, this is my fault because I haven't done anything about it. It just gets so frustrating. I just want to take my whole family and live off the land somewhere. All I want is for us to have more time together and for things to slow the hell down. 

Each morning we are hitting the floor running and it gets so old. I literally have to run around every morning getting dressed while trying to keep Jack out of every single thing. Most mornings I'm forced to put my make-up on in the car. The mornings where Jeremy is home he is able to help a little but I always end up feeling resentful that he gets to stay home alone while I have to run off to work. He gets a few days every week where he gets to be at home alone and I never get to be at home alone.

Just about every morning I am a few minutes late even though I've rushed. I know I could get up earlier and I should but each morning I just can't. I always try by setting my alarm but I fail every morning. I sleep horribly at night because of my stomach pain and how the scar tissue puts pressure on my back. I rotate between the bed, the couch, and the recliner. 

I feel completely maxed out and burnt out. I'm so busy all the time and so stressed out. It gets old and I'm tired of that feeling. 

In an attempt to figure out a solution I have turned to what I know-books. I've done my research on Amazon and I've decided to read the book Maxed Out.

I'll let you know if it contains all the wisdom that I've been searching for. This mama needs some type of change to happen. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Children Swap...Crazy Story

This is one of the craziest stories I've ever heard so of course I had to share on my blog. Prepare yourself it is ridiculously crazy!

My Dad is a contractor and when he needs a roof put on a house he calls this man "Tony". "Tony" lives in a nearby state (about an hour away). He has a crew and has always done great work so my Dad has used him as his roofer since I was a kid. 

Recently my Dad shared a crazy story about "Tony". 

"Tony" and his wife have several boys. "Tony's" brother "Dave" and his wife have several girls. Their wives got pregnant within weeks of each other. "Tony" and his wife were going to have another boy and "Dave" and his wife were going to have another girl. One of them had the idea to just switch their babies. "Tony" and his wife wanted to experience raising a girl and "Dave" and his wife wanted to experience raising a boy. They also lived really close to each other so they would be able to see their biological child often. I still think it is just crazy. They went along with it. 

Today the children are in college. I asked my Dad if they knew and he said yes. I also asked them how they felt about it but he didn't know. I'm sure my Dad didn't have a heart to heart with his roofer. I would love to talk to these kids to see how feel about this decision.

To add to the craziness. "Tony" was found murdered in his truck last Wednesday. 

I am super close to my sister. My nephew and I have a special relationship and I know we always will. Even though we are a close family I could never just switch my child even if I would still have a special relationship with it. Obviously some people could cause my Dad knows someone who did....could you? 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cuts, Chocolate, and Crying

My life is consumed with Jack. When trying to come up with a blog post I always turn to my phone for inspiration hoping that a picture will jog an idea. Once I look at all of my pictures all I see is Jack. Even my mom today said "Jack your Mom takes a picture of everything you do". 

I just have to give in and give it to you straight-my life is Jack. 

Without further ado a few pictures of Jack from this week.

Jack got a nasty cut on his face at daycare. He walked behind a moving baby swing and fell into something. I was told before I saw it and I have to say that I was a little shocked by how bad it was. Thankfully it is healing well. Of course, this morning as I was dressing him I scratched right above it so now he has another small scratch. I don't know how moms with really long nails dress their kids. 

We came home from school the other day and on the ottoman there was a packaged chocolate cake. He ran for it and I took it away. He threw himself a fit. I decided to just let him have it and he ate every bit of it. He loves chocolate like his mama. His daddy is not a huge chocolate lover. 

 Jack's Easter outfit was not a hit. Can't you see how much he loved it? He hates getting dressed but he really hated the collar on this outfit. Mama is not happy. Another reason Mama is not happy is because Jack sucked on my phone and messed up the quality of my pictures. Ugh! I hope it fixes itself. 

Well this has been life lately. Jeremy has been working a lot so I've been going to work and then taking care of Jack. 

Saturday is my birthday and my whole family is going to the zoo. That was my request. My dad, mom, sister, brother in law, nephew, husband, son, and myself are all going. I can't wait! My nephew Bennett loves trains and at the zoo there is a train that you can ride. He also loves animals so I can't wait for him to see them in real life. He has been before but now he is older and can talk. 

My best friend Jessica came and stayed the night Friday. We ate homemade pizza and watched General Hospital after Jack went to bed. She brought me a bag full of goodies and also a $50 gift card to Walmart. She is so good to me! 

There is a student at school who is a disciplinary problem. He was a perfectly content child last year but this year he is not reacting well to any type of discipline. He and I bonded early on and I would give him a treat when he made it for a week without getting into trouble. Well I found out that he and I actually share the same birthday. Friday I am going to order us pizza (his pick) and have lunch with him. I also plan on ordering cupcakes. I'm excited for him. 

So that is life lately! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Facts

My J.O.B.

1. I am the Media Specialist (Librarian) for a rural K-5 school.

2. I teach 8 classes a day.

3. My aid's name is Ms. Joann and she is amazing.

4. I have bus duty every day where I load 4 bus lines. I use to hate bus duty but now I'm so use to it that I don't mind.

5. My conference time each day is at 8:45-9:35. I always drink either a Dr. Pepper or run to McDonalds and get a Mocha.

6. During my lunch time I host a 4th grade boys book club where we are currently reading Hatchet. 

7. I am the treasurer of the PTO and the parent coordinator.

8. As the librarian I am in charge of the reading program. Kids read books and take tests on those books online. They then earn points. With those points they get to buy stuff from the store. For example, with 5 points they get to buy a bookmark. When they reach 50 points they get to go to Chuck E. Cheese in May.

9. I love my students. There are a few that I want to take home with me to keep. One even wrote on her GT interview that I was her hero and when she got older she wanted to be a librarian. Once I found out I asked her if she wanted to start coming in during her recess and start training to become a librarian. She was thrilled. I come up with jobs for her to do. I let her know that if there is a day she wants to go outside then she can.

10. The hardest grade (for me) to deal with is 5th grade. They start getting mouthy at this point. My favorite grade is 3rd grade or maybe 1st grade (after December). Kindergarten kids are the most fun to talk to and the sweetest. I love how easy they love. Parents, believe me, they tell all your business. We can be talking about a story about a dog and a kid will bust out "the police came to our house and told my daddy he can't come over anymore". True story. Never ask one kid a simple question when they are surrounded around other kids. What is your dogs name? You will have to hear about every dog they have ever know (including their stepmoms grandmas uncles dog). 

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little about what I do Monday-Friday from 7:30-4:00.