Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Facts

My J.O.B.

1. I am the Media Specialist (Librarian) for a rural K-5 school.

2. I teach 8 classes a day.

3. My aid's name is Ms. Joann and she is amazing.

4. I have bus duty every day where I load 4 bus lines. I use to hate bus duty but now I'm so use to it that I don't mind.

5. My conference time each day is at 8:45-9:35. I always drink either a Dr. Pepper or run to McDonalds and get a Mocha.

6. During my lunch time I host a 4th grade boys book club where we are currently reading Hatchet. 

7. I am the treasurer of the PTO and the parent coordinator.

8. As the librarian I am in charge of the reading program. Kids read books and take tests on those books online. They then earn points. With those points they get to buy stuff from the store. For example, with 5 points they get to buy a bookmark. When they reach 50 points they get to go to Chuck E. Cheese in May.

9. I love my students. There are a few that I want to take home with me to keep. One even wrote on her GT interview that I was her hero and when she got older she wanted to be a librarian. Once I found out I asked her if she wanted to start coming in during her recess and start training to become a librarian. She was thrilled. I come up with jobs for her to do. I let her know that if there is a day she wants to go outside then she can.

10. The hardest grade (for me) to deal with is 5th grade. They start getting mouthy at this point. My favorite grade is 3rd grade or maybe 1st grade (after December). Kindergarten kids are the most fun to talk to and the sweetest. I love how easy they love. Parents, believe me, they tell all your business. We can be talking about a story about a dog and a kid will bust out "the police came to our house and told my daddy he can't come over anymore". True story. Never ask one kid a simple question when they are surrounded around other kids. What is your dogs name? You will have to hear about every dog they have ever know (including their stepmoms grandmas uncles dog). 

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little about what I do Monday-Friday from 7:30-4:00. 


  1. So nice to meet you, Ashley :-)

  2. I loved the book Hatchet. So did all three of my children when they were younger. I think being a librarian would be a wonderful job. I would love to bed surrounded by books all day. What a wonderful idea to have that student come in and learn about being a librarian.She will always remember you for the extra time you took with her.

  3. Awe, I bet you are an awesome librarian. Love this post.

  4. You are so important to those children, so glad you enjoy them. Nice post.

  5. Sounds so fun! And i remember that book! Loved it!