Monday, August 27, 2012

Jewelry Swap!

I participated in my first jewelry swap! It made checking the mail a fun event. Finally the package arrived!!! Look what I got.....

Aren't they super cute??? I can't wait to wear them to work  with a cute black shirt. I just hope I can get my hair to cooperate so I'll feel like I really look good. 

Here is the address from my jewelry swap friend: her out!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

If I Gotta Be Alone

          I was super pumped Thursday about my husband being home when I got off work. We had a great afternoon and were looking forward to having an actual weekend together. We hung out on the couch and watched Big Brother and right as it went off his phone rang. I listened as he talked and I knew he had been called into work. I had to wait until after he hung up to hear just how bad the situation was going to be. He had to go in right then and would be there a whole week. No weekend together. I try to be understanding but honestly I wanted to scream and demand he not go. Instead I ran up town to grab him a few things while he dressed and while I was out of the house I called my BFF and vented. It helped. 
          So last night what was a pregnant girl to do at home alone? I made the best out of the situation. 
Woman's World and All You magazines
Ice Cream

I hung out in the bed with some magazines, ice cream, and the remote. It wasn't the perfect evening but if I gotta be home alone this was the way to spend it. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wobbling Teacher

Three days back for this wobbling teacher. Overall it hasn't been all that bad which I am surprised about. During the summer I had been miserably tired and cranky from being pregnant but everyday this week I have come home with some actual energy. It's nice! The biggest surprise-not one student has said one word about my baby belly. I got the "Are you pregnant?" more when I wasn't pregnant. What's up with that? Darn kids :) My fellow teachers have been sweet. They are constantly telling me what not to do and then helping me. Wish they were at my house. For some reason I can't pull the trash at work but can do it at home. Well since my hubby is at work for the night I am staying with my parents and getting to visit with that sweet baby Bennett. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baby Bennett's Birthday

My adorable nephew Bennett turned 1 yesterday. 
His SEC/Razorback invitations!
His jersey!
Go Hogs! Love this cake!

Smash cake

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Checking In

I'm excited to be back posting. I've had a busy couple days and am finally getting a chance to take a few moments to catch up on some blogging and blog reading. Here is what I've been doing.....

1. Teacher meetings (we officially start back on Monday). It was wonderful getting to see everyone again. I love the beginning of a new school year.

2. My husband got to come home for 2 whole days before he had to leave for work again for 7 days. I'm going to visit him in a few hours!

3. We have strongly considered moving and I'm looking at a house today. 

4. I passed my 3 hour glucose test! 

5. I have started organizing and deep cleaning the house before we have to start showing it. A good friend came by (she recently sold her house) and gave me some words of wisdom.

6. I mailed off a piece of jewelry for the jewelry swap on

7. My husband has officially registered for paramedic school and starts in 8 days. It is going to be tough but well worth it once he graduates.

Well that is what has been going on with us.  Happy Hump Day!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wedding Day

We found this beautiful place in Fayetteville, AR (St. Catherine's at Bell Gable) 

My dad walking me in

My sister walking in

We're married!

Me with my parents

Me with my BFF

Me with my dad (had to have a pic with his Razorback hat on)

The gender reveal cake at the reception (it was blue inside!)

The Razorback wedding cake

Thursday, August 9, 2012

My 26 Week Appointment

Today was the dreaded glucose test. After waiting 40 minutes to get back there my name was finally called. Today they were unusually busy so I was having to be extra understanding. Weight was checked first (don't really want to talk about that subject), blood pressure was next on the list,  and then they had to take my blood. Usually my veins are very cooperative but not today. It hurt but I made it through. Then I had to drink the stuff. I went with the fruit punch flavor. Honestly it wasn't all that bad. It was sweet and thick but not just HORRIBLE. While I wait for that hour to pass I got to visit with the doctor. Jack's heartbeat was at a steady 138. He is still staying very low and to my left. All things were good. Here is a picture of me waiting for the doctor:
 Well I flunked my one hour glucose test :( It was only by 12 points but it was still disappointing. The doctor said since I barely flunked that I should be fine but I still have to do the three hour test next week. Thankfully Jeremy will be going with me so I can have a little entertainment while I wait. Fingers crossed that I pass next week.

My Favorites!

Color: White (even though I technically know it isn't a color)

Movie: When Harry Met Sally

Book: She's Come Undone

Show: General Hospital

Song: Take Time to Know Her by Percy Sledge

Food: This is a hard one. The winner right now is Texas Roadhouse salad with Italian dressing and rolls

Dessert: Copeland's White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

Reality Show: Big Brother

Place to shop: Target

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Pregnancy Truth

I'm 30. Everyone I know has kids and many of those people have had kids for awhile. I've heard my fair share of those pregnancy stories. I'll even admit that some of the stories seemed a little too unbelievable. I could not wrap my mind around pregnancy brain. What in the world does a baby in your uterus have anything to do with you head??? Well now here I am at 26 weeks and I've had my own bouts of pregnancy brain. Here is my latest pregnancy brain story: (I get to share my own pregnancy brain stories now!) I picked up my sister's contacts from her eye doctor and then drove 30 miles to deliver them to her. Cut to the next day. My sister calls and asks where I put her contacts and I had to admit I had no idea. She finds the bag they came in and all that is there is the free solution but no contacts. I look around my house even though I knew they couldn't be there because I did remember putting them in my car. Well I found them. They were in a bag of a clothes I bought 2 days before. How did they get in there? I have no idea. Darn pregnancy brain!

Now on to the crazy idea of cravings. Cravings made no sense to me when friends told me stories of just having to have that certain type of food or drink. Although I had never had a child I have had a craving so I didn't understand what made these pregnancy cravings so special. Well now I have pregnancy cravings and can easily describe the difference between a craving and a pregnancy craving. When a pregnancy craving hits it becomes all consuming. It is like I have OCD and have to flip the light switch 14 times in order to survive but instead of a light switch it is the I have to have mild sauce from Taco Bell or I can't survive. I have had zero cravings for anything crazy. This pregnant woman has yet to eat dirt or put pickles on her ice cream. I have only had a few cravings. I could eat spaghetti every single day and throw it back with a root beer. Oh gosh now I need a root beer!