Monday, April 28, 2014

Say NO to these Facebook Statuses

1. The suicide status. Just recently a girl on my FB basically wrote a suicide note as her status. This wasn't a teenager but a woman of 32. People started going frantic communicating back and forth on her status asking who has talked to her, who could go by her house, and asking all to pray. The next day the girl was back on FB like nothing happened. Um hello, I think an explanation is at least needed. You are too grown to act like that.

2. Embarrassing your kids. I'm not talking about putting cute goofy pictures up of your baby but calling out your teenager for what they did. Recently a mom I know told on FB about how her son used her credit card to buy some video games online. I just think that isn't a good parenting move.

3. Writing down every. little. thing. 
I am drinking coffee.
Me and the babies are going to Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart is so busy.
Stopping by McDonalds after shopping.
So many bags to unload.

Do you know this girl? I do. The one in particular that I'm talking about is the sweetest girl ever so I never bad mouth her but her posts do get on my nerves.

4. Drunk statuses. It's totally one thing to write a "I'm having a few drinks with the girls" posts. It's a whole another thing when you are drunk and writing down every thought that passes through your head. I always think "Wow, they are going to wish they hadn't Facebooked and drink". 

5. Bad mouthing your ex or your partner's ex. Oh these can get ugly. I kid you not, one of my friends (keep in mind I'm using that term loosely here) wrote "I keyed that bitches car" referring to her now man's ex. Another friend was calling his baby mama every not so nice word in the book.

6. Alluding to the fact that they are going to have sex. It just makes me shudder. "Got a babysitter tonight...wink wink". What do you comment? Have fun? Hope it works out? Good luck? Get you some girl? I just hit like and keep going. I hope these people's mom doesn't have FB. 

7. My life sucks. When I type this one I have one girl in mind. She hates her job. She is always fighting with her husband (gives details on facebook). Complains nonstop about the school system. Most of her posts start with "Could things get any worse...".

8. The vague post. "I can't believe that just happened". "Why would someone say that to me?". "I'm so mad". Come on now people, we want the details. 

9. Facebook good-bye. The people who announce they are leaving FB. They get a bunch of "oh no", "gonna miss ya", "love ya and gonna hate not seeing pictures of those babies". Well guess what? The next day they are still on there. I have this formal student who recently had a baby who went on a big rant about how FB takes away from her new baby and how FB is just so stupid. She is better than all of this and her priority is her baby and family. So everybody was super nice and said they would miss seeing her and how they understood. What she was really doing was saying she was being a better mother by not having FB. Why not just delete it? Well you know what? She is still on there. 

10. Big announcements. I can NOT stress this enough. Do NOT post anything about someone being in an accident, someone dying, or someone giving birth. If it isn't you or your immediate family then do not share. Just recently, there was a horrible wreck and there was even a dead body on the road. People were literally driving by and taking pictures to post on FB. Could you imagine seeing your husband, father, or son dead on the road? Let along, could you imagine finding out about it that way? I seen a friend post a picture recently of another friends just-born baby. Don't you think that is the right of the mom or dad? 

So here are 10 of my most annoying Facebook statuses. What would you like to add to the list?


  1. The vague, melodramatic teenager status. I have a couple of friends on Facebook who will post these dramatic statuses about how something awful has happened but they're super vague about it because they want people to ask "oh no! what happened??" They really just want the attention.

  2. Ahh! Yes to all of this! The mil of one of my good friends posted that she had given birth and posted photos before the baby's parents. Just no. My friend didn't seem to mad about it but I would've been LIVID.

    On a side note, sounds like you need to clean out your friends list :-)