Monday, April 28, 2014

Like, Love, Loathe

Inspirational quotes: Facebook is good for lots of things but one of my favorites is reading inspirational quotes. Often it gives me something to think about and can change my whole perspective that day.  

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Unexpected surprises: I'll just be blunt. My husband was being a complete ass on Saturday. He did the shopping and came back with a beautiful bouquet for me. He said these are "sorry for being a dick flowers". It changed the whole rest of the day and I am loving looking at my beautiful flowers.

My hair: It is a hot frizzy mess when it is humid and here in Arkansas it is humid a lot. I also have a lot of little baby hair around my face. The only way my hair is happy is when I spend a lot of time straightening it but as soon as it gets the least bit wet via rain, water, or sweat it all goes crap. The easiest way to do my hair is to leave it curly and put some mousse in it. The problem with that is then I HAVE to wash it and my hair really doesn't need to be washed too much because it is dry enough as it is. 

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  1. Thank you for linking up to #likeloveloathe! Glad your husband bought you flowers to say sorry - men, eh?x