Monday, November 26, 2012

Super Pumped!

I won a giveaway over at The Memory Nest! I was the lucky winner of Washi tape and also a twenty dollar gift certificate to The Memory Nest which features scrapbooking supplies. I'm taking part in the 20 Wishes over at Truly Lovely and one of my wishes is to complete a scrapbook for my newborn son Jack. It just worked out perfectly that I won. I found out yesterday and have already spent my twenty dollars. I'll be sure to show some of the pages I create. I'll leave you all with a picture of my heart and a funny.

Only if you watch How I Met Your Mother will you appreciate this find. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our First Family Thanksgiving

Looking back I could kick myself for not getting someone to take a picture with all of us. There is no daddy in this picture. I'm sick about it. This mistake will not be made at Christmas. Normally I am a huge help to my mom who hosts Thanksgiving every year but this year I was way too exhausted. Getting clothes and make-up on was trophy worthy. We all hung out, ate, and chatted a little more. This year we left fairly early also because having a newborn just makes you want to be at home. After we got home I took a nap while husband took care of Jack. It was wonderful! I skipped out on Black Friday since husband had to be back at work (he is gone for a week!). Being a single parent at time sucks big time. I hate it when my husband can not be there with us. I want him there with us so we can be a family and so he can help me. I feel bad for him that he misses out on this important bonding time. 
My blogging is all over the place right now so bare with me as I gather myself and adjust to life as a new mother. I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Heading to the Crib

Living out of bags
No one is more grateful for my parents. They stayed with my son while he was in the hospital and I couldn't be there. They paid for us a hotel room when we were able to get to our son. They have let us stay in their home while I recover. Basically they are the! All of that being said..."I'M READY TO GO HOME!!!" I'm a very organized person who HAS to have things put in the right spot. My parents have themselves, my sister, her husband, and my nephew living with them. You add me, my husband, and our son and you get lots of fun but also lots of stuff. My stuff is EVERYWHERE and it is driving me crazy. This Mama is ready to get her home in order and to make a new normal.  

My sweet baby sleeping during the day. 

Bennett mesmerized by Barney.


My nephew Bennett watches Barney CONSTANTLY and it is driving me bonkers! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mommyhood Week 1

Nothing went as planned. I think that is the exact phrase that describes mommyhood. 
1. I never planned on having a panic attack during my c-section.
2. I never planned for my baby to be put in a helicopter and be flown 2 hours away from me.
3. I never planned to cry like a big baby when I saw him in the hospital.
4. I never planned to be this exhausted.
5. I never planned that we would have to stay at my parent's house because I would be so sick.
6. I never planned that my baby would scream from 2:30-4:30 am every single night.
7. I never planned to get a horrible fever.
8. I never planned to end up at the ER and then find out that I have abscess in my uterus. 
9. I never planned to be this disorganized.
10. I never planned on being one of those moms that jumps at even the slightest hiccup. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jack Henry is Here!

My baby Jack Henry is here! The c-section was rough but the hardest part was that my sweet baby had to be flown to a bigger hospital via helicopter. A few days before he was born he had a  bowel movement and aspirated on it caused difficulty breathing. I had to wait 2 days to hold him and it was hard. Thankfully he is doing great now. My parents stayed with him while I recovered 2 hours away. As soon as I got released yesterday his dad and I rushed up here. We are here and will be here until Jack gets to come home with us. Here are a few pictures. Please pray for our sweet baby that he continues to make process.
First time I got to hold him

Yes, that is blood on my poor baby's hear. They did an IV there 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Twenty Wishes

Over at Truly Lovely I read a blog post that got me inspired. I love reading and when I saw a book cover I was intrigued. As I read the post it began to really inspire me. Here is the link for those of you who haven't read it.    I started making my own list of 20 wishes and boy oh boy was it difficult. You wouldn't think it would be, but try doing it and you would be surprised. Well let me add that if I were super rich the list would be a lot less difficult. Me writing down the wish to drink wine in Paris would only end up in a fail for me. I have to keep these wishes doable. Since I'm having such a hard time writing my own list I have decided to read the book in hopes of stealing some of the characters wishes. I'm on chapter 4 and yes I have already "borrowed" a few ideas. I'd like to recommend you check out the blog post at Truly Lovely. If you too get inspired grab a button and participate. I'm super excited to see what everyone wishes are and how they unfold over the year. I'm going to go ahead and post my page of 20 wishes although it isn't actually complete. I hope to have my list finished by the time I finish the book. Check them out and follow along as I complete a year of Twenty Wishes!

Bed Rest Sucks

In order to keep my blood pressure at an okay level I am now being forced to lay on my right side. Thankfully this works so maybe I'll be able to stay out of the hospital until Wednesday. My mom came to my house today and helped me clean some and just get ready for the baby. Husband is working so I am staying the night at my parent's house for the next two nights. Tuesday is the day he and I will have to do everything that needs to be done before baby arrives. All of this bed rest gives me plenty of time to write lists. It isn't in my nature to have to rely on so many other people to do things for me. I take care of people-not the other way around. It's hard. I'll be so happy when this baby comes out healthy and I can start getting my body back. Feeling so huge just isn't fun guys. 
On a brighter note I received the CUTEST set of burp rags that my aunt had made for me. Check them out. They are so adorable and I just love them. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Holiday Realization

In less than one week my baby boy will be born! I couldn't be more excited and ready to meet him. Since I'm on bed rest I have plenty of time to check out blogs and pinterest. I keep running across these super cute holiday ideas. I realized today that I might not be able to do all these things that I would normally do. I'm having a c-section, which I hear isn't simple to recover from. I'm also about to have a newborn and from what I hear they don't allow you much time either. This is all going to be very new to me. I'm trying to make peace with this idea. I probably will not host an ornament party this year, cook lots of goodies, make homemade gifts, or any of the things I like to do during the holidays. I know that once baby Jack is here I probably will not care about those things but maybe I will. Not really sure how I'll balance it all. Any suggestions?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

38 Weeks Today

I found this list of 10 Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman here at Pregnancy Chicken. I thought the list was really good and I wanted to give my own take.

1. You look big/small. I haven't gotten the "you look small at all". I've gotten the you look soooooooo big though. Makes a girl feel great.

2. Haven't you had that baby yet? Oh this one drives me crazy. I'm huge-ginormous even....does it look like I've had a baby?

3. You look tired, you must be having a girl because they steal your beauty. I haven't gotten this one at all...thank God. Well for one thing I'm having a boy but if this statement is a true one then I look like I'm having a girl. I look a hot mess and I know it.

4. So do your nipples look weird? Mine went all crazy. I have a crazy nipple story for ya (how many times do you hear someone say that?). So I had a breast reduction 12 years ago and since I've gotten pregnant my boobs have grown and due to the surgery the blood flow is being cute off from my nipple and my nipple is dying. It hurts like hell. I'm having to take medicine to keep my nipple. It's wild.

5. Sleep now because you won't get to once the baby is born. I hate this statement and I know it's true but I CAN NOT sleep. My back hurts. My hip hurts. I have to pee all night. I have this idea in my head of actually getting to sleep when this baby is born. At least a few nights now and then when I have help will be better than what I'm getting now.

6. I hate that name. I have gotten the nice version of this statement. We are naming our little one Jack Henry. We love the name and know that is all that matters but some people really don't like it. I have gotten a really?  and a Why did you pick that name? Oh well they can suck it!

7. Were you hoping for a girl/boy instead? I have gotten a few of these. We wanted a girl but we are having a boy. We'll live. I'm even now excited to be having a boy. I think it is natural to want a certain gender. If I had 9 boys and was pregnant again you wouldn't be mad that I wanted a girl (I had a family member who did have 9 boys and the 10th was a girl). My husband is gone a lot due to work and I really wanted a girl to do girl things with but oh well I'll be heading to t-ball practice.

8. Was this an accident? I got plenty of these because we were due to get married 3 months after we found out. Yes it wasn't on purpose but we couldn't be happier.

9. Did you use fertility drugs? Never got this one. We were blessed to get pregnant. I have horrible cysts on my ovaries so we were very happy to have this blessing.

10. Should you be eating that? I get this one a lot mainly because I've had a lot of gallbladder problems in the last 2 months. It frustrates me. I'm 30-I think I can pick my own food.