Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our First Family Thanksgiving

Looking back I could kick myself for not getting someone to take a picture with all of us. There is no daddy in this picture. I'm sick about it. This mistake will not be made at Christmas. Normally I am a huge help to my mom who hosts Thanksgiving every year but this year I was way too exhausted. Getting clothes and make-up on was trophy worthy. We all hung out, ate, and chatted a little more. This year we left fairly early also because having a newborn just makes you want to be at home. After we got home I took a nap while husband took care of Jack. It was wonderful! I skipped out on Black Friday since husband had to be back at work (he is gone for a week!). Being a single parent at time sucks big time. I hate it when my husband can not be there with us. I want him there with us so we can be a family and so he can help me. I feel bad for him that he misses out on this important bonding time. 
My blogging is all over the place right now so bare with me as I gather myself and adjust to life as a new mother. I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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  1. Give yourself some time, you will be a mam pro in no time! :)