Friday, November 16, 2012

Heading to the Crib

Living out of bags
No one is more grateful for my parents. They stayed with my son while he was in the hospital and I couldn't be there. They paid for us a hotel room when we were able to get to our son. They have let us stay in their home while I recover. Basically they are the! All of that being said..."I'M READY TO GO HOME!!!" I'm a very organized person who HAS to have things put in the right spot. My parents have themselves, my sister, her husband, and my nephew living with them. You add me, my husband, and our son and you get lots of fun but also lots of stuff. My stuff is EVERYWHERE and it is driving me crazy. This Mama is ready to get her home in order and to make a new normal.  

My sweet baby sleeping during the day. 

Bennett mesmerized by Barney.


My nephew Bennett watches Barney CONSTANTLY and it is driving me bonkers! 


  1. A new baby can create a lot of havoc on their own...add in an unexpected hospital stay and it's pure chaos. It is wonderful that you have your family around you helping you get through it all--but I understand wanted to get back to your own routine and I hope you get to do that soon! Thanks for linking up with us at The #MTMmixer this week!

  2. oh barney...he never seems to go out of style!!

  3. Thinking about you! Hope you are home and settling in, :)

  4. Hello Ashley. You won our contest.
    I sent you an email requesting your address. I am sure you are busy with the little one, but just wanted to send you a message here in case your email address was an old one. Congratulations.