Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mommyhood Week 1

Nothing went as planned. I think that is the exact phrase that describes mommyhood. 
1. I never planned on having a panic attack during my c-section.
2. I never planned for my baby to be put in a helicopter and be flown 2 hours away from me.
3. I never planned to cry like a big baby when I saw him in the hospital.
4. I never planned to be this exhausted.
5. I never planned that we would have to stay at my parent's house because I would be so sick.
6. I never planned that my baby would scream from 2:30-4:30 am every single night.
7. I never planned to get a horrible fever.
8. I never planned to end up at the ER and then find out that I have abscess in my uterus. 
9. I never planned to be this disorganized.
10. I never planned on being one of those moms that jumps at even the slightest hiccup. 


  1. Welcome to motherhood. Good luck and things will get better. Everything is new, exciting and scary at the same time.

  2. Things will get better, I promise. Take all the help you can get. I didn't have an easy recovery after my csection and you just need to rest as much as you can and cuddle that sweet boy.

  3. I'm sorry honey! Things will get better though. You'll start to feel better, baby will get into a sleep routine, and things will get better. Hang in there and rest while you can. I know- easier said than done.

  4. Thanks ladies for the sweet comments. I'm feeling better after the antibiotics. I never knew the recovery would be this rough.

  5. Motherhood is the hardest job in the world. I still remember my first week fondly. Cut yourself some slack, as others have said things will get better once you develop your confidence in being a mum. Enjoy these wonderful moments

  6. Things will get better, hang in there. I know how hard it is and can be. Its never easy seeing your baby in the hospital. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. New follower from the Thumping Thursday hop, would love for you to come by and follow back?

  7. Praying for your sweet baby!
    New Follower!

  8. I'm a new follower and your baby is BEAUTIFUL. As other people have said, it will get easier. I keep telling myself that they're not babies forever; my baby is 10 months old and I can't believe how fast it's gone. Praying for you and your little one and can't wait to follow your journey!


  9. Congratulations Ashley. Your baby is beautiful ~ and nothing goes planned in motherhood. Make sure to enjoy the journey because it goes fast. It is a wonderful one even with the bumps in the road.

  10. Oh my goodness you had quite the welcome to motherhood! Don't worry, nothing ever goes as planned from now on! =)

    Thanks for the follow and I am gladly following back! Can't wait to read more.