Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rocking One Thing At A Time

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

If I were going to make a graphic organizer to represent my life my name would be in the middle and off of that there would be 4 circles. Each circle would represent a part of my life. There would be a family circle, a work circle, a friends circle, and a personal circle. 

In my ideal world I would have a perfect balance in all 4 areas but that is far from the case. From past experience I've learned that I typically rock one area at a time. When I rock that area, I really rock that area. This past week work won me. It won my passion, focus, patience, and energy. 

It feels good when you rock it in any area of your life and that is especially true when you get something from it. I'm not talking about a paycheck, which sure doesn't hurt. This week I got to to feel good knowing I taught my heart out. I got to teach minds and touch hearts. One student had to fill out an interview sheet and one question she had to answer was who was her hero and why. I found out she wrote down my name and wrote that I was her hero because I care about kid's education, help kids find good books, and am fun to be around. Melt my heart!

Too bad my family, friends, and personal goals got pushed to the back burner. Although I know there are times when certain areas need more attention, surely there has to be a way to find more of a balance for most days. 

Do you typically thrive in only one area of your life at a time or have you found the key to balance? 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pins You Must See

Today I wanted to share with you my favorite pins from Pinterest. To follow me click here

Sweet Treats

It is super yummy and a favorite!
Cinnamon Roll Cake - this is another must-keep recipe. So yummy! { }


This is one of the gifts we got for Jack for his 1st birthday and he loves it!
Sports-tastic Activity Center | Role Play | by Step2


I made one of these and it resides in our bedroom and is used often. 
I Love You Message Board

Couldn't Have Said It Better

Cracks me up....I could post a 100 of these.

DIY Home

I want to create something similar one day soon.
The desk is great, but the bulletin board is awesome.

Great Ideas

I can not wait to do this one day.
How cute! Chalkboard paint on the inside of a lunch box.


These are the printables I use for our family binder.
Home Management binder. DIY Home Sweet Home.


I just love this one.
Free Smiling's My Favorite :) Elf Quote Printable

Homemade Gifts

Such a cute idea for any occasion or no occasion at all.

Dinner Ideas

Oh my gosh it is so good!
Honey Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches – Slow Cooker Recipe

I hope you have enjoyed some of my favorite pins. Don't you just love yet hate Pinterest? I can get lost there quickly. You go down the rabbit hole to look at one thing and then boom lots of time has passed. I owe Pinterest for lots of wonderful ideas, meals, organization, decor, and laughs. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Week in Pictures

I haven't blogged since Monday and that was a pre-written post. It was a wow busy kind of week. Monday morning was spent in the ER. I had the stomach virus that Friday, Jack had it Saturday, we were all good on Sunday, and then Sunday night I got it again. I became too dehydrated and begged to sweet Jesus to help me. Jeremy got it Monday morning. Thankfully the hospital was able to put me on the mend and send me home to sleep the rest of the day. Tuesday I went to work but literally only survived the day. Wednesday life was much better but I had some time to make up with Jack. 

Wednesday playing outside. He loves pine cones and sticks. He is such a boy!

Sunday the weather was beautiful. We rolled down the windows and turned up the music. Jack loved it!

More pine cones. I tried to teach him to pick them up and put them in a pile but it didn't work. 

Sunday afternoon at my parent's. Jack and my nephew Bennett loved this tent.

After an hour of picking up pine cones and sticks he deserved a cold treat. Messy but fun!

Pawpaw's house has cooler toys.

Thursday morning I decided Jack and I should have a breakfast date. We were in Shipley's a whole 60 seconds before he fell and popped his head. Thankfully the donut distracted him quickly. He is very much his mama's baby.

He loves throwing balls. He is such a boy and I look forward to many years of sports. 

Friday morning I burnt my hand using my wand. Boy did that hurt! I really need to use that glove they provide. 

I would like to ask for prayers for our friend Jennifer. Jen Jen watches Jack and he LOVES her. She is the only person he will go to besides me. She is his second mother. She had to have an emergency c-section today. The baby was flown to a wonderful hospital. Baby Conner is 3 months early and Mama is 2 hours away from him right now. I've been in that position before and it is not easy. I couldn't imagine being away from my baby and knowing he is so small. Many prayers for this sweet baby and family. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Back To Being Intentional

There was a snag in my new intentional living. Darn life got in the way and I didn't get in front of it. My mistake, but I am working to get back on track. Thankfully I didn't get too far off track but enough that it was bothering me. 

I wanted to share this with you all so you can see that things happen and you might find yourself stuck but you can find your way back. Don't let getting derailed stop you. 

January was such an intentional month for me. After having such a powerful and productive month you would think I would sail through February. The opposite happened. I made my list for February and forgot about it. A few days ago I saw my NY Resolutions taped on the back of my bedroom door and I thought I need to get back to being intentional. 

First, I opened up my planner and looked at my February goals. No longer will I write goals that I have to do or not do something each day. As soon as you slip one day you can no longer mark that off. Lesson learned.

Second, I found a task on my list that I knew could be completed that day and I tackled it right away. Being able to mark something off my list felt great and just the push I needed.

Third, I am thinking. It's a process. When I started this journey of being more intentional I didn't have a particular long term goal in mind but yet I did have a particular feeling I was hoping to gain from this work. It is indescribable as of now but it is something I want to spend some time thinking on. What exactly will an intentional life look like? What are my overall goals or feelings I hope to gain?  

Hopefully I will be able to mark more goals off my February list and work towards figuring out what exactly intentional will look like for me.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

3 Years Later

On Valentine's Day 3 years ago Jeremy and I had our first official date. When he showed up at my door he brought me the prettiest array of flowers. He handed them over to me and they were cold. I'm talking frozen cold. I quietly said "these are really cold". He said the florist said to keep them chilled so he put them in the freezer. I told him that they were beautiful as I silently laughed at the cuteness of his mistake. Today I would have said "you are such a dumb ass". That is what 3 years does to you.

We went to the most God-awful restaurant and we have never been back there since. It was the only place that wasn't packed (now we know why). He opened the doors and we were polite. Three years later we hit up the Taco Bell drive-thru in our pajamas. Leaving out the door as my husband makes a joke about free nuttin' it. That is what 3 years does to you.

We come back home and eat our food on the couch as we watch Dr. Phil. That is love. My husband watched Dr. Phil with me. He handed me my drink and held it for me as I took a sip. He even offered me his last soft taco. That is what 3 years does.

My parents watched Jack last night. Three years ago we would have started getting ready to go out at 8 but last night we went to bed at 8. That is what 3 years does. 

Three years ago I laid in bed reeling from the night before. A sweet kiss at the end of the night. I couldn't wait to see if my phone was going to ding with a good morning text. This morning I got up and went and slept on the couch because his snoring was keeping me from sleeping in. That is what 3 years does.

I enjoy 3 years in a whole new way. In a comfortable loving way because that is what 3 years does to you when you spend it with the one you love.

Friday, February 14, 2014

10 Facts Friday


1//I have been watching General Hospital since I was in middle school. My best friend watches it also so we talk about it on the phone like we are talking about real people. It is a way to keep us bonded together.

2//The Following is my new obsession. Kevin Bacon is yum yum!

3//My guilty pleasure show is Teen Mom 2. I just want to punch Janelle in the face.

4//I watch Big Brother every summer. It's another show that my best friend also watches. When it is on we watch it at the same time and call each other during the commercials.

5//My husband watches Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show every night before bed. Sometimes those shows are funny but for the most part they get on my nerves.

6//I can watch Law & Order: SVU everyday. 

7//I enjoy the sitcoms Mike and Molly, Mom, How I Met Your Mother, and The Big Bang Theory.

8//I enjoy certain reruns like Roseanne, Everybody Loves Raymond, Modern Family, and Friends.

9//I love watching Dr. Phil. Jeremy always complains when I turn it on but he gets mad if I don't pause it when he walks out of the room. He gets sucked into the craziness. 

10//Although I've mentioned quite a few shows we mainly have cartoons on because we have a 35 year old male in the house and a 15 month old. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Maybe I'm Wrong

Love and respect your husband... So tired of listening to people complain about their husbands.

I never like to admit to my husband that I am wrong. The very few times I have admitted to being wrong he acted like he won the Super Bowl so I try to not make it a habit. It doesn't happen too often anyways. Even when he is right I can usually turn the situation into me never having to admit it. We women are really good at it. I think it must be genetic. 

So onto me being possibly (but probably not) wrong. 

One of the big rules in marriage is to not downgrade your spouse to your family. I watch Dr. Phil. I know this. BUT...Aren't there some exceptions? In my family all of the older women have been married for years upon years and when they get together they talk about their husbands. It is all in fun. Women complain about men. It is what we do. It is how women connect. 

My mom and I are really close and talk numerous times a day. The other day I was frustrated with Jeremy and decided to gripe to my mom about it. It was all petty-just helping around the house stuff. 

Well Jeremy and I were "talking" about the issue later and I told him something funny my mom said about it. His feelings were hurt because he said I was talking behind his back. 

I tried to explain to him that my complaining about him didn't change the way my mom thinks of him. She already thinks he is lazy. Haha. I told him that. He did not think that was funny. She will gripe about my dad and I'll gripe about my husband and we'll make jokes. Just picture a Roseanne episode. 

When real issues come up I do not discuss them with my mom. I just don't see the harm in a little women chat with my mom. Since having Jack I rarely see or talk to my friends so my mom is the person I vent to. That is all it really is, a little venting. 

I know I have to consider my husband's feelings about him not wanting me to discuss him with my mom. 

Do you vent about your relationship to your mom?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We Got Snow

It may not have been much but we got ourselves a little snow. It started Friday evening and went on until about midnight. I just couldn't bring myself to go to bed because I was having too much fun watching the snow fall. I couldn't wait for Jack to wake up so I could take him outside for his first time in the snow. 

As soon as he woke up I let him look outside and he grinned so big. It was like he already knew how great it was going to be. 

We got all bundled up and headed outside with the camera. 

He found it difficult to walk in but it did not stop him. He would jump right back up and keep going. The boy loves sticks. All he wanted to do was pick up sticks but his dang mittens wouldn't allow him. 

I let him walk/fall down for about 10 minutes before we headed back in to warm up. He did not want to go back inside. I love that he loved it so much. He is like his mama in that way because Daddy was watching us from the door. Don't worry, I was able to talk him outside the second time we ventured into the snow. 

It is now Saturday night and the snow is pretty much melted. Snow has a way of making things slow down. It was fun playing in the snow, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, coffee and blankets, renting movies, and homemade oatmeal cookies. Such a wonderful Saturday! 

Now for your viewing pleasure...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Boy is Growing Up

Look how cute he is! Sometimes I am amazed that I was able to create such a beautiful baby. 

Jack Jack (yep we call him that) is obsessed with going into the kitchen. I've decided to let him in there with me from time to time. He loves banging away. 

He has started using a spoon to eat. Yep it is messy. Why do kids hate plates? He thinks that all food on a plate should be dumped out. 

He is saying bye bye and yes. He will hold up one finger when you say one. We work with him all the time but mostly he just jabbers. I love hearing his jabbering voice. 

We have moved into a big boy carseat. He loves it and I love it. I can see him easier and also reach him. We jam to music in the car and dance. 

Oh what a mess! I decided to let Jack have a childhood staple and try out the good old PB&J. He tore it open and smeared it everyplace. I promise he did eat some of it. It was just so much fun to play with. I'll probably wait a little longer before doing this again. I'm still cleaning this mess up. 

I'm looking forward to all the new fun things Jack will be learning each day. My favorite thing about him is how much he loves his mama. I love that he loves me the most. Mama's baby boy....forever. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Honey BBQ Pulled Chicken

I have one heck of a good recipe for you today. This is not a food blog but a blog about being a good wife and mother. If you want to be a good wife then cook this for your hubby. I love recipes that are easy and yummy. The fact that it was cooked in a crockpot makes it that much better. So here you go chicas.

Slow Cooker Honey BBQ Pulled Chicken

What you will need:
-3 boneless skinless chicken breasts
-one 18 ounce bottle Honey Barbecue Sauce (I use Sweet Baby Ray’s)
-1/2 cup Italian Salad Dressing
-1/4 cup brown sugar
-2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

How to do it:
Place chicken in a slow cooker. In a bowl, combine the barbecue sauce, Italian dressing, brown sugar, and Worcestershire. Pour sauce over the chicken and cover with lid. Cook 6-8 hours on low or 3-4 hours on high. Remove chicken from the slow cooker and shred using two forks. Return the chicken to the slow cooker to coat with sauce.

Honey Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches – Slow Cooker Recipe

We made chicken sandwiches one night and then one night we just ate it with some side dishes. It was so good that we made it using the sauce and just used pork instead of chicken. It is a go to recipe for sure now!

Friday, February 7, 2014

10 Facts Friday


1. My dad, Herschel Wayne, was a foster care child. Both of his parents died in car crashes. Because of this, family is very important to him. He is happiest when all his babies are under one roof.

2. My mom, Juanita, doesn't know who her real father is. She asked her mom once and she slapped her across the face. It is something no one in the family talks about. 

3. My nephew Bennett is super smart and at 2 already knows all of his letters and numbers. He can already write some words and can spell some words. He is obsessed with learning. He is all about books and memorizes them. He so should have been my child.

My nephew Bennett

4. My brother Mitchell is in a wheelchair. He has born with spina bifida. Growing up he had crutches and braces on his legs. My mom worked really hard to make sure he was a regular boy. He even played baseball. Since I grew up with a disabled brother I have a great ability to not treat them special. They are regular people. He use to torture me just like a regular brother would do.

5. My sister Samantha is 7 years younger than me. They waited so long to have another child because they said I was such a handful. Can you believe that? My sister loves fashion and will not leave the house unless she is dressed to the nines. I went to the store with house shoes on last night. We are very different.

My sister Samantha

6. Growing up we use to all load up in the truck and go riding the levee. We would listen to the top 40 country countdown. I miss those moments.

7.   Not trying to brag but our family is often complimented on our eyes. Thanks Dad!

8. My Dad is very protective. He calls me every morning when he wakes up. I have to call him when I leave the house for work. I call him when I get to work. I call him when I leave work. I call him when I get home. I call before I go to bed. He HAS to know that his kids are okay in order to be okay. My sister works at a bank. There is 2 of the same banks in our town. Well he heard that the bank was robbed. I swear he almost had a heart attack and killed himself trying to get up there. It happened at the other branch and thankfully everyone was safe. When I was in school and the weather got bad the kids would make a joke because they knew the intercom would be coming on soon saying I was about to get checked out. 

9. Growing up my mom never did anything for herself. All she ever did was cook, clean, work, and take care of us. Every now and then friends would come over and play cards. Her favorite artist ever is Percy Sledge. If mama ever got mad Percy Sledge came on and if mama ever got really happy Percy Sledge would come on.

10. We were a very normal family. We ordered pizza every Wednesday night and would rent a movie. We would watch Jeopardy together and play along. We played board games. We went to the movies on Tuesday nights. We only went to the mall during Christmas and before school started. Supper every day at five. Took turn doing the dishes. Cleaned house and the yard on Saturday and then would usually do something fun or go to someones house to cookout. I was allowed to go one street up and one street back. I lived 2 blocks from the school. We had to be home when mom turned the outside light on. I really don't have many complaints. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I've Got a Big Decision to Make

Today my OBGYN said "my best advice to you is to go home and get pregnant". Basically I have lots of scar tissue from my necrosis surgery and when I went to my surgeon when I found a knot in it he suggested that I might have an endometrioma. He told me to make an appointment with an OBGYN to get it tested. Today she took a needle to it and I'll get the results soon. 

She said if it is an endometrioma she can give me some medicine that I have to take for a year that will shrink and kill it. If I take this medicine for a year that I can not get pregnant for that year. She said that the scar tissue will still cause me pain though and that the endometrioma could grow back and the only way to stop it completely is to do a hysterectomy. 

Even if it is not an endometrioma she said the scar tissue will only cause me pain but that there is no point in doing surgery to remove it or the endometrioma until I have finished having kids. 

She said if I wanted to have another baby then I might want to do it sooner than later so I can stop the pain. 

We are just not in a place financially to have a baby right now but am I really ready to close the baby book forever? 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Liebster Award

Tabitha @ A Hundred Tiny Wishes nominated me for the Liebster Award!
I seriously just spent too long trying to find people to nominate but it seems all my blog buddies are just already so cool. I still want to go ahead and answer Tabitha's questions because I just love talking about myself. 

1. How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging for a year and a half. I started when I was about 6 months pregnant two summers ago. 

2. What is the story behind your blog name?
I had just gotten married and was pregnant so Mrs. Mama just made sense.

3. Who is/was the most influential person in your life?
My mom for sure. She has always put her family before herself. She taught me how to be a person who cares for others, how to work hard, how to be a wife and mother, and also taught me about her regrets of not doing more for herself. 

4. Do you have any pets? Tell us about them.
We recently rehomed our precious Lexi but we still have Charlie. Charlie is a lump of a dog. Sorry but he is. He is like a fat cat but he is a dog. He just lays around all day.

5. If you could attempt to do something, and not fail, what would you attempt?
Start my own preschool. I have a dream of starting a preschool but it is hard for that sort of business in this area. I also wouldn't mind starting up a restaurant.

6. What is your favorite memory?
Oh wow! Favorite? Holding my baby for the first time. I had to wait 2 whole days before I got to hold him. After I was released I drove 2 hours to get to him. I walked in that room and saw him hooked up to those machines. I started crying really badly. The nurse was nervous about handing him over but I pulled myself together and did it.

7. If you had to choose between makeup and hair products (shampoo, etc. not included), which would you choose?
Makeup. I don't use a lot of hair products. I have naturally curly hair. I need eye liner. 

8. Do you have a significant other? How did you meet?
Jeremy is my husband and we met at a bar here in town. A friend and I decided to go out on a whim. We were in jeans in tshirts. We had no intentions of going anywhere. Jeremy was with a friend. I noticed him because he was singing along to all the songs as was I. He asked for my number that night. He called the next day and we went out that night. After that we were always together.

9. Favorite animal?
I love owls! I am obsessed.

10. Do you have any hobbies, besides blogging?
I love to read, craft, and bake.

11. Top three favorite blogs/bloggers.
1. Megan @ Absolute Mommy (such a wonderful and honest writer)
2. Chloe @ The Sunshine Blog (we both have one year old boys)
3. Violet Imperfection (she has been the biggest source of help to me from the start)
I could add about 10 more to this list. 

I'm Getting My Groove On...Book That Is

Leslie from Violet Imperfection (have y'all noticed I mention this gal a lot-well it's because she is awesome) introduced me to Groovebook in this post.

After checking it out by reading lots of reviews I decided to sign up. I was able to get the first month free by using a code. 

Basically you pay $3.99 a month and you can upload up to 100 pictures each month. At the end of the month they send you your uploaded pictures in a book. Each picture can be taken out of the book or you can leave them all in the book. 

My plan is to keep each month as a collection of all the fun things we do each month. It will be a lot of fun to look back and see what happened throughout the year. Basically it is like a picture journal. 

As my first month is almost over and I review my pictures I am amazed at how much life we are living. Often I feel like our lives are so mundane, and I guess they are, but we really are doing a lot. I never realized how much we actually do in a month until I saw all the pictures.

Here is a list of some things I have documented:
  • Going to the park
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Playing with a sensory bag
  • Jack eating his first pizza
  • Jack sleeping in his high chair
  • My new hair style
  • Jack sleeping in the floor
  • Me giving my fur baby away
  • Playing with a riding toy outside
  • Jack picking up sticks
  • Swinging at the park
  • Mommy/Jack date
  • My dentist visit
  • Jack's ear infection doctors visit
  • Jack eating with a spoon for the first time
  • Jack getting a big boy car seat
  • Jeremy getting his official diploma in the mail

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February Goals

Another month of tasks to complete. Last month was such a success that it makes writing these goals a little more exciting. I hope the newness of it all doesn't wear off and I get all of these things completed. 

1//Go on two dates with my husband

2//Do five activities with Jack and link up post to the Active Mama Series @ Violet Imperfection

Violet Imperfection

3//Give my Secret Pal at least 3 things

4//Finish that one book and read another

5//Do at least 1 thing for myself

6//Finish removing the old carpet from the backyard

7//Purge items out of craft room

8//Exercise at least 3 times a week

9//Clean out car!!!!!

10//Buy at least one item for the kitchen gallery wall

11//Drink only 1 Dr. Pepper a day

12//Do 2 nice things for my mom

13//Cook something homemade for daycare

14//Organize pictures that are downloaded on the computer

Monday, February 3, 2014

How I Did In January

At the beginning of the year I made my 14 in 2014. I was ready to get things accomplished this year. In order to help myself reach those goals I decided to make goals for each month that will help me achieve my resolutions for the year. Here is how I did....

1//Two dates
We did this even though both dates were lunch dates. 

2//Pick a paint color
We have decided to paint our bedroom a light grey color. We wanted to go a neutral route in case we sale our house in the near future.

3//Five activities with Jack
You can read all about these activities by clicking here

4//Give Secret Pal two items
My Secret Pal is an amazing woman. It has been so much fun sneaking things into her work mailbox. So far I have given her face cleanings items, a Sonic gift card, a Reese cup, and EOS lip gloss. I've overheard her talking about her items and how much it has changed her life. She said these little acts of kindness have put her in better spirits. 

5//Read two books
I have read 72% of 1 book so this one is technically a failure. I have a book that I want to read right after I finish this one book.

6//Write up debt free plan
I'm happy to report that I completed this project. It is so much fun filling out the plan each month and watching the numbers drop.

7//One thing for myself
One of my New Years Resolutions is to do 14 things for myself so I wanted to do at least one thing this month. Two weeks ago I went and got my hair dyed, shampooed, cut, and styled. It was 2 and a half hours of pure bliss.

8//Create a kitchen wall art board and pin ideas
Another goal is to redecorate our main kitchen wall. It is the first wall you see when you walk into the house. It use to be covered in canvas art. Now I want to create a gallery wall and/or paint on strips. I have pinned lots of wonderful ideas and I'm ready to get started in the decorating process.

9//Remove all old carpet from the backyard. 
When we had our floors redone the old carpet got thrown in the backyard. The company was suppose to come back and pick it up. They never showed. I've cut it up and have been throwing pieces of it into our garbage can each week. Although it isn't complete it is getting there. I figure 2 more trash pick-ups and it will all be gone.

10//Organize crafting paper
Did not do this at all. Didn't even touch it.

11//Clean out car
It has been so cold so this has been almost impossible. On the few days that it has been nice it just didn't happen either because I forgot or Jeremy was working so I had to watch Jack.

12//Purge bathroom of products
I did this one pretty early in the month. I'm sure every gal has way too much product in her bathroom. I wanted to get it gone. If I don't use it then I threw it away. Believe me this was not an easy task. I kept wanting to keep things but I forced myself to chunk them in the trash. 

13//Do a Valentines project
I made a very simple Valentines wreath. If you would like to see then click here.

14//Print, buy frame, and hang Jack's picture
I did do 2/3 of this task. The reason it isn't being admired on the wall is because the frame was broken. I didn't realize until I got home. It can easily be fixed with a little glue. It is much easier than standing in line fo-ever to exchange it. 

I'm so proud of how much I accomplished this month. Making a list really does help keep me on track. It is going to be difficult coming up with goals for February. Coming up with this stuff is not that easy. Thankfully I have NY resolution to help guide me. I'll post those as soon as I have a complete list. I really want to stick to the 14 theme. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Yippee! I Made It!

I made it to Friday. There were times where I thought there was no cotton pickin way I gonna make it to see the weekend. 

You know how you have an idea in your head about how you want things to go and they go completely the wrong way? Well that was my week. 

Jeremy had outpatient surgery Monday to remove scar tissue and I had big plans to be the amazing wife who nurses him make to health. Big plans to keep the house spotless, my husband happy, supper every night, rock it at the job, start an exercise plan, and do fun activities with Jack. 

So did not happen.

Jeremy was on my nerves by Monday night and we got into it which made me so not want to be that amazing wife I had planned on being. He was in pain and moody. I swear I'm not always so selfish but he was messing up my Donna Reed dreams. 

A couple of nights I did manage to cook supper. The house is a complete mess. Jack spent way too much in his play pen. I did a fairly good job at work. Zero exercise was accomplished. Not the week I had planned. 

I need this weekend to gather myself back together and to get a handle on things. Clean this house to a manageable something, cook a meal or two, and spend some much needed time with my sweet family. 

 Happy February!!!