Thursday, February 6, 2014

I've Got a Big Decision to Make

Today my OBGYN said "my best advice to you is to go home and get pregnant". Basically I have lots of scar tissue from my necrosis surgery and when I went to my surgeon when I found a knot in it he suggested that I might have an endometrioma. He told me to make an appointment with an OBGYN to get it tested. Today she took a needle to it and I'll get the results soon. 

She said if it is an endometrioma she can give me some medicine that I have to take for a year that will shrink and kill it. If I take this medicine for a year that I can not get pregnant for that year. She said that the scar tissue will still cause me pain though and that the endometrioma could grow back and the only way to stop it completely is to do a hysterectomy. 

Even if it is not an endometrioma she said the scar tissue will only cause me pain but that there is no point in doing surgery to remove it or the endometrioma until I have finished having kids. 

She said if I wanted to have another baby then I might want to do it sooner than later so I can stop the pain. 

We are just not in a place financially to have a baby right now but am I really ready to close the baby book forever? 


  1. Oh my goodness that is a big decision. I think you should either take the medicine and wait a year to have another baby or just get busy and save like crazy for the next nine months!

  2. Whoa! Heavy stuff, friend. Prayers for your decision-making!

  3. Wo, Ashely! That is such a hard decision! I have no idea, but I'll be thinking of you!

  4. well my easy going (dreamer self).. says go for it! You guys will figure the finance stuff out later but you may not be able to have a lil girl (or boy ;) but we're crossing our fingers for a girl) later. And fingers crossed and prayers that the biopsy comes back ok!

  5. Oh Ashley! I am so so sorry about this complication from your c-section. There really isn't a good time to have a baby because something will always come up, you know? When I found out I was pregnant with C, we weren't trying and definitely didn't want them so close together. We didn't know what we were going to do financially or with our living situation but we did find a way. She fits into our family perfectly and was meant to come when we did.

  6. I feel like you are never ready financially for a baby. I find that somehow once we get ahead more curves are thrown so don't delay having a baby if you want to add to your family. At least that's what I tell