Friday, February 14, 2014

10 Facts Friday


1//I have been watching General Hospital since I was in middle school. My best friend watches it also so we talk about it on the phone like we are talking about real people. It is a way to keep us bonded together.

2//The Following is my new obsession. Kevin Bacon is yum yum!

3//My guilty pleasure show is Teen Mom 2. I just want to punch Janelle in the face.

4//I watch Big Brother every summer. It's another show that my best friend also watches. When it is on we watch it at the same time and call each other during the commercials.

5//My husband watches Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show every night before bed. Sometimes those shows are funny but for the most part they get on my nerves.

6//I can watch Law & Order: SVU everyday. 

7//I enjoy the sitcoms Mike and Molly, Mom, How I Met Your Mother, and The Big Bang Theory.

8//I enjoy certain reruns like Roseanne, Everybody Loves Raymond, Modern Family, and Friends.

9//I love watching Dr. Phil. Jeremy always complains when I turn it on but he gets mad if I don't pause it when he walks out of the room. He gets sucked into the craziness. 

10//Although I've mentioned quite a few shows we mainly have cartoons on because we have a 35 year old male in the house and a 15 month old. 


  1. We always watch Disney Jr in our house . lol Dad too.. Hope you have a great Day !

  2. Friends is my all-time favorite show. TV hasn't been the same since it went off the air. I actually rushed through a college final so I could get back and watch the finale lol. I also like Teen Mom 2, but since we don't have cable anymore I haven't seen it in ages. Is there another season?