Saturday, February 15, 2014

3 Years Later

On Valentine's Day 3 years ago Jeremy and I had our first official date. When he showed up at my door he brought me the prettiest array of flowers. He handed them over to me and they were cold. I'm talking frozen cold. I quietly said "these are really cold". He said the florist said to keep them chilled so he put them in the freezer. I told him that they were beautiful as I silently laughed at the cuteness of his mistake. Today I would have said "you are such a dumb ass". That is what 3 years does to you.

We went to the most God-awful restaurant and we have never been back there since. It was the only place that wasn't packed (now we know why). He opened the doors and we were polite. Three years later we hit up the Taco Bell drive-thru in our pajamas. Leaving out the door as my husband makes a joke about free nuttin' it. That is what 3 years does to you.

We come back home and eat our food on the couch as we watch Dr. Phil. That is love. My husband watched Dr. Phil with me. He handed me my drink and held it for me as I took a sip. He even offered me his last soft taco. That is what 3 years does.

My parents watched Jack last night. Three years ago we would have started getting ready to go out at 8 but last night we went to bed at 8. That is what 3 years does. 

Three years ago I laid in bed reeling from the night before. A sweet kiss at the end of the night. I couldn't wait to see if my phone was going to ding with a good morning text. This morning I got up and went and slept on the couch because his snoring was keeping me from sleeping in. That is what 3 years does.

I enjoy 3 years in a whole new way. In a comfortable loving way because that is what 3 years does to you when you spend it with the one you love.


  1. It's crazy what three years and a kid does to you. Me and my hubby are the same way!

  2. What a sweet post. It's really cool looking back at how time changes our relationships and our lives.

  3. It's crazy isn't it? Oh, how things change in three years (or in my case, six). Love this post!