Monday, February 24, 2014

Pins You Must See

Today I wanted to share with you my favorite pins from Pinterest. To follow me click here

Sweet Treats

It is super yummy and a favorite!
Cinnamon Roll Cake - this is another must-keep recipe. So yummy! { }


This is one of the gifts we got for Jack for his 1st birthday and he loves it!
Sports-tastic Activity Center | Role Play | by Step2


I made one of these and it resides in our bedroom and is used often. 
I Love You Message Board

Couldn't Have Said It Better

Cracks me up....I could post a 100 of these.

DIY Home

I want to create something similar one day soon.
The desk is great, but the bulletin board is awesome.

Great Ideas

I can not wait to do this one day.
How cute! Chalkboard paint on the inside of a lunch box.


These are the printables I use for our family binder.
Home Management binder. DIY Home Sweet Home.


I just love this one.
Free Smiling's My Favorite :) Elf Quote Printable

Homemade Gifts

Such a cute idea for any occasion or no occasion at all.

Dinner Ideas

Oh my gosh it is so good!
Honey Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches – Slow Cooker Recipe

I hope you have enjoyed some of my favorite pins. Don't you just love yet hate Pinterest? I can get lost there quickly. You go down the rabbit hole to look at one thing and then boom lots of time has passed. I owe Pinterest for lots of wonderful ideas, meals, organization, decor, and laughs. 


  1. Just followed you on Pinterest! :) Loving that chalkboard lunchbox... I've been see those around and I need to do that for my oldest boy!! Also, thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself on my blog earlier... so nice to meet you! :)

  2. I love your blog

  3. This honey BBQ looks sooooo good! I wonder how it would taste with agave?! And that box of doing that for no reason. :-) New follower!