Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rocking One Thing At A Time

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

If I were going to make a graphic organizer to represent my life my name would be in the middle and off of that there would be 4 circles. Each circle would represent a part of my life. There would be a family circle, a work circle, a friends circle, and a personal circle. 

In my ideal world I would have a perfect balance in all 4 areas but that is far from the case. From past experience I've learned that I typically rock one area at a time. When I rock that area, I really rock that area. This past week work won me. It won my passion, focus, patience, and energy. 

It feels good when you rock it in any area of your life and that is especially true when you get something from it. I'm not talking about a paycheck, which sure doesn't hurt. This week I got to to feel good knowing I taught my heart out. I got to teach minds and touch hearts. One student had to fill out an interview sheet and one question she had to answer was who was her hero and why. I found out she wrote down my name and wrote that I was her hero because I care about kid's education, help kids find good books, and am fun to be around. Melt my heart!

Too bad my family, friends, and personal goals got pushed to the back burner. Although I know there are times when certain areas need more attention, surely there has to be a way to find more of a balance for most days. 

Do you typically thrive in only one area of your life at a time or have you found the key to balance? 

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  1. I like to say that I have everything balanced, but that is not always true. We definitely need to have more time together as a couple without the kids around. I would say that that is probably the one thing is out of balance most for us.