Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Active Mama Series

One of my resolutions for 2014 is to participate in the Active Mama Series that Leslie from Violet Imperfection started to keep her active as a stay at home mom. She started it a year ago for herself but she is now opening it up for others to link up to this year. It's a great way to learn about other activities for you to do with your little ones. 

I started the Active Mama gig on January 1st. I wanted to start right away to get myself into the habit. I won't post every thing that Jack and I do but I will show the highlights. 

We started the new year right by heading to the park. It was cool but not too cold. My brother bought me a new camera for Christmas and I was anxious to try it out. 


On a perfect 70 degree day we spent several hours outside playing with his toys that he got for Christmas.  

 We then headed down the road to the park to swing.

I also let him wander around wherever he wanted. I just stayed a few steps behind. He was fascinated with picking up every stick.

One morning we brought out the bubbles that he had gotten in his Christmas stocking. Yes, the floor got sticky but I had to mop that day anyways. Jeremy even got in on the action (see his foot).

 Something new we tried was playing with stickers. Of course all he wanted to do was eat them and then he would get mad when I wouldn't let him. He did however learn pretty quickly how to put the stickers on the paper even if they weren't flat. 

Another new fun thing we tried was a Baby Oil Sensory Bag. You can see how to make it and some of the other things I have pinned by clicking here

He loved playing with it. You poke the big blob and it splits into a bunch of smaller blobs. It's a great activity to keep him busy while I'm preparing his food.

Another new thing we did this month was try to color. It was a big fail. We tried several times and each time was a major fail. All he wanted to do was eat the crayons. I wouldn't let him so he would get mad and throw them in the floor. Once he even tore his coloring sheet up. Boy has serious anger issues.

All in all this month was very successful and I hope each month is just as great. I'm so excited about the Active Mama Series and how much it will push me to be more active with Jack in the months ahead.  


  1. great job. mama I need to do that .......

  2. Awesome job!! The oil blob looks awesome. Im so glad you are joining in. It really keeps me doing things with V and not being super lazy....just a little ;)