Monday, January 27, 2014

Ottoman Redo

Here is our sad looking ottoman

I found this burlap at Wal-Mart today that I thought would look good covering the top of the sad looking ottoman

I took the bottom off so the burlap could be stapled
Just knifed those right out and unscrewed the screws a little

Then stapled the burlap on and reattached the bottom hard piece

I think it added a little modern touch to our living room
I'm thinking of making 2 pillows to match

Not too bad for $7


  1. You did a great job and I really like the fabric you picked for the top - such a great print! x

  2. I love the fabric, too! I want to reupholster the seats of our dining room chairs, but I'm too chicken to commit to a fabric. You have a good eye!

  3. It looks awesome. I've seen that fabric and Walmart and have been trying to think what I could do with it. Great idea!