Thursday, January 16, 2014

Simple Valentine's Wreath

One of my goals for January was to complete a Valentine's craft. Sunday I decided to tackle this goal by creating a Valentine's wreath with the supplies I had on hand. I had a leftover Spring wreath that I pulled the stuff from and turned over. I didn't want to do a traditional all pink, red, and white. I started by painting it this really pretty blue. 

I took some washi tape and put around it. I picked up this LOVE piece from the Dollar Spot in Target a few weeks ago. 

The last piece I added was an R that I painted pink. I really would love to add a big burlap bow to the other side but I don't know how to make a bow. I might get my friend to do one for me because is great like that. 

I like the way it turned out and I'm happy that I'm able to cross this off my list of January's goals. 

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