Sunday, November 4, 2012

Twenty Wishes

Over at Truly Lovely I read a blog post that got me inspired. I love reading and when I saw a book cover I was intrigued. As I read the post it began to really inspire me. Here is the link for those of you who haven't read it.    I started making my own list of 20 wishes and boy oh boy was it difficult. You wouldn't think it would be, but try doing it and you would be surprised. Well let me add that if I were super rich the list would be a lot less difficult. Me writing down the wish to drink wine in Paris would only end up in a fail for me. I have to keep these wishes doable. Since I'm having such a hard time writing my own list I have decided to read the book in hopes of stealing some of the characters wishes. I'm on chapter 4 and yes I have already "borrowed" a few ideas. I'd like to recommend you check out the blog post at Truly Lovely. If you too get inspired grab a button and participate. I'm super excited to see what everyone wishes are and how they unfold over the year. I'm going to go ahead and post my page of 20 wishes although it isn't actually complete. I hope to have my list finished by the time I finish the book. Check them out and follow along as I complete a year of Twenty Wishes!

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