Thursday, November 1, 2012

38 Weeks Today

I found this list of 10 Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman here at Pregnancy Chicken. I thought the list was really good and I wanted to give my own take.

1. You look big/small. I haven't gotten the "you look small at all". I've gotten the you look soooooooo big though. Makes a girl feel great.

2. Haven't you had that baby yet? Oh this one drives me crazy. I'm huge-ginormous even....does it look like I've had a baby?

3. You look tired, you must be having a girl because they steal your beauty. I haven't gotten this one at all...thank God. Well for one thing I'm having a boy but if this statement is a true one then I look like I'm having a girl. I look a hot mess and I know it.

4. So do your nipples look weird? Mine went all crazy. I have a crazy nipple story for ya (how many times do you hear someone say that?). So I had a breast reduction 12 years ago and since I've gotten pregnant my boobs have grown and due to the surgery the blood flow is being cute off from my nipple and my nipple is dying. It hurts like hell. I'm having to take medicine to keep my nipple. It's wild.

5. Sleep now because you won't get to once the baby is born. I hate this statement and I know it's true but I CAN NOT sleep. My back hurts. My hip hurts. I have to pee all night. I have this idea in my head of actually getting to sleep when this baby is born. At least a few nights now and then when I have help will be better than what I'm getting now.

6. I hate that name. I have gotten the nice version of this statement. We are naming our little one Jack Henry. We love the name and know that is all that matters but some people really don't like it. I have gotten a really?  and a Why did you pick that name? Oh well they can suck it!

7. Were you hoping for a girl/boy instead? I have gotten a few of these. We wanted a girl but we are having a boy. We'll live. I'm even now excited to be having a boy. I think it is natural to want a certain gender. If I had 9 boys and was pregnant again you wouldn't be mad that I wanted a girl (I had a family member who did have 9 boys and the 10th was a girl). My husband is gone a lot due to work and I really wanted a girl to do girl things with but oh well I'll be heading to t-ball practice.

8. Was this an accident? I got plenty of these because we were due to get married 3 months after we found out. Yes it wasn't on purpose but we couldn't be happier.

9. Did you use fertility drugs? Never got this one. We were blessed to get pregnant. I have horrible cysts on my ovaries so we were very happy to have this blessing.

10. Should you be eating that? I get this one a lot mainly because I've had a lot of gallbladder problems in the last 2 months. It frustrates me. I'm 30-I think I can pick my own food.


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  2. Following back! So excited for you. Boys are so fun!! Love this post, you are too cute! Have a fabulous day :)

  3. You are so close to the end! Being almost 36 weeks along, I can relate perfectly to this post.

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  4. LOL on the "should you be eating that." I just love that people are always so concerned about what other people are doing. Pretty sure that as a pregnant lady you have read up and know what is best for your body and your babies. Oh, man, I can't wait until I am pregnant and get some of these crazy sayings. Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

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