Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Pregnancy Truth

I'm 30. Everyone I know has kids and many of those people have had kids for awhile. I've heard my fair share of those pregnancy stories. I'll even admit that some of the stories seemed a little too unbelievable. I could not wrap my mind around pregnancy brain. What in the world does a baby in your uterus have anything to do with you head??? Well now here I am at 26 weeks and I've had my own bouts of pregnancy brain. Here is my latest pregnancy brain story: (I get to share my own pregnancy brain stories now!) I picked up my sister's contacts from her eye doctor and then drove 30 miles to deliver them to her. Cut to the next day. My sister calls and asks where I put her contacts and I had to admit I had no idea. She finds the bag they came in and all that is there is the free solution but no contacts. I look around my house even though I knew they couldn't be there because I did remember putting them in my car. Well I found them. They were in a bag of a clothes I bought 2 days before. How did they get in there? I have no idea. Darn pregnancy brain!

Now on to the crazy idea of cravings. Cravings made no sense to me when friends told me stories of just having to have that certain type of food or drink. Although I had never had a child I have had a craving so I didn't understand what made these pregnancy cravings so special. Well now I have pregnancy cravings and can easily describe the difference between a craving and a pregnancy craving. When a pregnancy craving hits it becomes all consuming. It is like I have OCD and have to flip the light switch 14 times in order to survive but instead of a light switch it is the I have to have mild sauce from Taco Bell or I can't survive. I have had zero cravings for anything crazy. This pregnant woman has yet to eat dirt or put pickles on her ice cream. I have only had a few cravings. I could eat spaghetti every single day and throw it back with a root beer. Oh gosh now I need a root beer!

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  1. Hi Ashley!! Thanks for stopping by! Oh my word pregnancy brain is the worst and it doesn't get much better after baby. I am always forgetting things:( I didnt have too many weird cravings just that anytime there was a commercial I HAD to have that sandwich..burger...whatever.