Saturday, August 25, 2012

If I Gotta Be Alone

          I was super pumped Thursday about my husband being home when I got off work. We had a great afternoon and were looking forward to having an actual weekend together. We hung out on the couch and watched Big Brother and right as it went off his phone rang. I listened as he talked and I knew he had been called into work. I had to wait until after he hung up to hear just how bad the situation was going to be. He had to go in right then and would be there a whole week. No weekend together. I try to be understanding but honestly I wanted to scream and demand he not go. Instead I ran up town to grab him a few things while he dressed and while I was out of the house I called my BFF and vented. It helped. 
          So last night what was a pregnant girl to do at home alone? I made the best out of the situation. 
Woman's World and All You magazines
Ice Cream

I hung out in the bed with some magazines, ice cream, and the remote. It wasn't the perfect evening but if I gotta be home alone this was the way to spend it. 

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