Thursday, August 9, 2012

My 26 Week Appointment

Today was the dreaded glucose test. After waiting 40 minutes to get back there my name was finally called. Today they were unusually busy so I was having to be extra understanding. Weight was checked first (don't really want to talk about that subject), blood pressure was next on the list,  and then they had to take my blood. Usually my veins are very cooperative but not today. It hurt but I made it through. Then I had to drink the stuff. I went with the fruit punch flavor. Honestly it wasn't all that bad. It was sweet and thick but not just HORRIBLE. While I wait for that hour to pass I got to visit with the doctor. Jack's heartbeat was at a steady 138. He is still staying very low and to my left. All things were good. Here is a picture of me waiting for the doctor:
 Well I flunked my one hour glucose test :( It was only by 12 points but it was still disappointing. The doctor said since I barely flunked that I should be fine but I still have to do the three hour test next week. Thankfully Jeremy will be going with me so I can have a little entertainment while I wait. Fingers crossed that I pass next week.

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  1. I'm sorry you didn't pass the glucose test. Hopefully you'll pass the three hour one. I have my one hour glucose test coming up August 14th. Glad to hear that it's not HORRIBLE lol.