Monday, March 10, 2014

Cuts, Chocolate, and Crying

My life is consumed with Jack. When trying to come up with a blog post I always turn to my phone for inspiration hoping that a picture will jog an idea. Once I look at all of my pictures all I see is Jack. Even my mom today said "Jack your Mom takes a picture of everything you do". 

I just have to give in and give it to you straight-my life is Jack. 

Without further ado a few pictures of Jack from this week.

Jack got a nasty cut on his face at daycare. He walked behind a moving baby swing and fell into something. I was told before I saw it and I have to say that I was a little shocked by how bad it was. Thankfully it is healing well. Of course, this morning as I was dressing him I scratched right above it so now he has another small scratch. I don't know how moms with really long nails dress their kids. 

We came home from school the other day and on the ottoman there was a packaged chocolate cake. He ran for it and I took it away. He threw himself a fit. I decided to just let him have it and he ate every bit of it. He loves chocolate like his mama. His daddy is not a huge chocolate lover. 

 Jack's Easter outfit was not a hit. Can't you see how much he loved it? He hates getting dressed but he really hated the collar on this outfit. Mama is not happy. Another reason Mama is not happy is because Jack sucked on my phone and messed up the quality of my pictures. Ugh! I hope it fixes itself. 

Well this has been life lately. Jeremy has been working a lot so I've been going to work and then taking care of Jack. 

Saturday is my birthday and my whole family is going to the zoo. That was my request. My dad, mom, sister, brother in law, nephew, husband, son, and myself are all going. I can't wait! My nephew Bennett loves trains and at the zoo there is a train that you can ride. He also loves animals so I can't wait for him to see them in real life. He has been before but now he is older and can talk. 

My best friend Jessica came and stayed the night Friday. We ate homemade pizza and watched General Hospital after Jack went to bed. She brought me a bag full of goodies and also a $50 gift card to Walmart. She is so good to me! 

There is a student at school who is a disciplinary problem. He was a perfectly content child last year but this year he is not reacting well to any type of discipline. He and I bonded early on and I would give him a treat when he made it for a week without getting into trouble. Well I found out that he and I actually share the same birthday. Friday I am going to order us pizza (his pick) and have lunch with him. I also plan on ordering cupcakes. I'm excited for him. 

So that is life lately! 


  1. Happy early birthday! Sometimes I think that kids that are having problems at school need someone like you to just go out of their way to do something nice for them. Maybe he has something going on at home and all the teachers are just brushing him off as the "problem kid." I think that that makes you an excellent educator to recognize that.

  2. Oh that is a bad cut. Poor baby. Happy early birthday!