Wednesday, March 12, 2014

To the Point of Reading Self-Help Books

I am sick to death of not enjoying my life like I want to. Yes, this is my fault because I haven't done anything about it. It just gets so frustrating. I just want to take my whole family and live off the land somewhere. All I want is for us to have more time together and for things to slow the hell down. 

Each morning we are hitting the floor running and it gets so old. I literally have to run around every morning getting dressed while trying to keep Jack out of every single thing. Most mornings I'm forced to put my make-up on in the car. The mornings where Jeremy is home he is able to help a little but I always end up feeling resentful that he gets to stay home alone while I have to run off to work. He gets a few days every week where he gets to be at home alone and I never get to be at home alone.

Just about every morning I am a few minutes late even though I've rushed. I know I could get up earlier and I should but each morning I just can't. I always try by setting my alarm but I fail every morning. I sleep horribly at night because of my stomach pain and how the scar tissue puts pressure on my back. I rotate between the bed, the couch, and the recliner. 

I feel completely maxed out and burnt out. I'm so busy all the time and so stressed out. It gets old and I'm tired of that feeling. 

In an attempt to figure out a solution I have turned to what I know-books. I've done my research on Amazon and I've decided to read the book Maxed Out.

I'll let you know if it contains all the wisdom that I've been searching for. This mama needs some type of change to happen. 

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