Thursday, March 13, 2014

Facebook Rant and Rave


Oh the age old question, "should we put our true lives on Facebook or be worried about being portrayed as perfect?". 

I have to say I'm on the fence but I do have my own personal standards regarding my Facebook life. I'm pretty sure Facebook wasn't created for someone to document every true aspect of their life. We all know that one girl who doesn't live a party life, has a husband and kids, is a stay at home mom, is a typical good girl and documents every time she moves a muscle.  Her kid will try on a hat and she'll create an album. Every supper menu is posted. It's redundant but it isn't harmful. 

It's much butter, but not nearly as entertaining, as the drama girl who lives in a world full of breakups and new love (within weeks of each other). Her posts usually ignite fury in another girl in a similar position and they start a Facebook fight. Yep, I'm looking and laughing. I think they look like fools but I'm looking.

A few people on my friend's list have to frame every aspect like they walk around in a state of pure bliss where each fleeting moment reminds them of a Thoreau quote. Give them a kid or two and it really comes off as BS. Who with kids even has time to portray their lives so blissful? Then I feel bad because who is to say that isn't their reality. Maybe they have it figured out and instead of being jealous, I should be taking notes. Don't get me wrong. I don't believe they have it ALL figured out and although it appears that her husband and children are perfect we all know they aren't. It doesn't make her a bad person for not saying other people's imperfections. I actually could take a lesson from that. Do I wish these gals would stop putting quotes about the miracles of life with every picture? You betcha. 

So on to how this post came about. Last night one of my Facebook friends ranted about how she is sick of people presenting themselves and their family to be perfect on Facebook. It was a lot longer and had some choice words but you get the gist. Lots of people agreed with her. There would have been a time that I would have agreed with her. I had 2 problems with her rant. 1. She is one of those people that my close friend actually hid because she got sick of hearing about how wonderful her husband is and how hot he is. The funny/not funny side of it is that her husband tells anyone who will listen (after a few drinks) that he wants to divorce her but he didn't want to pay child support. 2. What is so bad about people showing there best selves? You don't want to hear, and I don't want to share, every thought (no matter how negative) just so someone doesn't accuse me of being fake. 

So here is my opinion. It is your Facebook account and you are free to put whatever you choose on your account. If people don't want to see it they do not have to follow you. Personally, I wish people wouldn't bash others on Facebook because it is tacky (even though it can be so entertaining to follow). I think it is cute when mother's brag on their kids but there is a such thing as being humble. I love giving someone a compliment that isn't fished for. If you have a super hot boyfriend/husband congrats! I hope that every wife thinks her husband is attractive. Saying something cute about how sexy your husband is can be adorable but don't cross the line into sounding like a teenager. At any point where you can make me giggle using your Facebook, by all means, please do it.

What is your personal stance on the real/fake Facebook debate?


  1. I'm with you, it's people's facebook page if they want to seem like they have it all together and they are so "together" than so be it. Everyone know's that shit aint I however have to gut check myself. "amie are you just jealous that this chick is skinny and cooks all three meals" "um F yeah I'm jealous, how the hell does she find time to do all that AND post pictures on facebook. lol...

  2. I feel like I threw up I'm facebook today with all of Violets birthday pictures. lol.

    I am no longer friends with my cousin because I made a joke about how often she had to say how wonderful her husband is.....let's just say the joke didn't go over well at all. lol. My opinion is if you have to say it all,the time it probably isn't true. I do I worry what people think of my facebook posts lol.