Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Facts


1. We live in a subdivision called Western Pines. There are pines trees everywhere. We have 11 in our yard. We have pine needles everywhere. I hate having to deal with them. 

2. There is no light in our living room. There is a ceiling fan but no light installed in there. When I bought the house I didn't think about it. Thankfully it has a huge 2 door patio door that lets a lot of light in. At night we use a lamp but I still wish there was a light installed. 

3. We have three bedrooms and we turned the guest room into my craft room. Basically I have zero time to craft so it has turned into a storage room.

4. The previous owners turned the garage into a den. We have never used it. 

5. There is a half bath off the master bedroom. It was a perfectly great bathroom until the night of my sister's bachelorette party. The theme was penis. We even had penis toilet paper. My aunt, my sweet calm loving aunt, ended up passed out in my floor. My brother in law's mom rolled backwards down my hill. I'm not sure what happened to the toilet but it doesn't work anymore. That night I knew my brother in law and his best friend were going to the local bar so I went up there earlier and paid for them 2 shots and 2 beer from me. He thought that was the coolest thing. I didn't tell them. When they came in the bartender set it before them and said it was from me and for them to have fun.

6. We don't have a dining room. Our kitchen table is in the kitchen and it is small as it is. We rarely eat there anyways because it has turned into a catch all. Yes, we could turn that den into a kitchen but it would be weird due to the set up of the house. 

7. Our bathroom is stupidly small. When I bought the house it was just me so it wasn't that big of a deal. Now that we have a potty chair and a basket of bath toys it is way too small now. 

8. We have a big backyard but I wish it were fenced in. In the backyard there is a huge ditch (like super huge) that goes down like 6 feet so I really have to watch Jack when we are outside. 

9. Jack's room is my favorite room probably because I decorated it myself. There are so many little touches in there that make it so special. I really put my heart and soul into that room. Currently it is a mess. As soon as I clean it up he destroys it.

10. We have a really big utility room. I wish our bathroom was that size. The one thing I don't like about it is that we took up the flooring when I moved in because it was broken up vinyl squares. The plan was to put flooring down but here we are 4 years later and it is still concrete. The idea of having to take the washer and dryer out does seem daunting. 

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  1. That would drive me crazy that the garage was turned into another room. Our garage opens into our family room, which I think is a little weird. I really wish it opened into the kitchen.