Monday, March 17, 2014

My Birthday

This is Preston the child that has the same birthday as I do. We had pizza and cupcakes.

Here is the inside of the card that Preston got me. It plays this really fun music.

Here is the front of the card. So funny! 

Here is the Facebook message from my Secret Pal. I love that she doesn't know it is me. This is one New Years Resolution that I am loving!

All those great things happened the day before my birthday. My actual birthday didn't go as great. Jack did not sleep. I ended up just letting him play in his room while I tried to sleep in his floor. That morning I talked to my mom and she said for me to bring him over and that way I could go back home and get a nap. On my way back home I got a flat. I had to call Jeremy.

Thankfully he was able to fix it enough to get it to the tire place. Well he gets home and he is all in a panic. He comes in and announced that he has lost the debit card. I had to call and get it canceled. The banks are closed on Saturday and with no debit card we have no cash. Yuck! I think the rest of the day I need to hide under the covers. 

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