Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Martyr Me

That time is now!  Just to do whatever soak in tub, crack open a new novel or do whatever for a hour or two.

Maggie at Bedtime Stories  brought up a valid point in her post about mommies and "me time". This line really conjured up feelings about my own life. 

If I genuinely value my "me time" so much as to lament its loss, why not put more effort and energy into protecting it?
Isn't it in the Mommy Handbook to always be busy and always complain about how much time you are self-sacrificing? Moms get together and moan about how they never get any "me time". It's a club mantra. Once I became a mother I completely bought into it. My job was to always be busy (which did happen at first) and never take time for myself. Even in every thing you read about taking time for yourself you read "take time for yourself, even if that means just taking a shower". Okay, a peaceful shower is wonderful but that does not count as "me time". 

Oh what a martyr I've been. Shame on me!

There have been a few times where I have went out for my own enjoyment but that is not enough time for a living soul. 

Since I complain so much about never getting "me time" then why do I not create it? And why, when it is created for me, do I not take the offer and run with it? Guilty martyr! 

Are you good about taking "me time"?

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