Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Break, Here Mama Comes!

Oh how times have changed! Mrs. Mama Richards is going to spend time with her sweet boys and get oh so productive during Spring Break (joys of being a teacher). Ashley once went on a road trip to an unknown location and stayed on a mountain with her roomies during Spring Break. Since Ashley is now a Mrs. Mama there will be no beer runs or canoe trips. However, there will be ice cream runs and park trips. 

T.G.I.S.B. 'Thank God It's Spring Break!' ...said every teacher ever.  You need a break too!  Supreme School Supply of Arcadia has you covered for after Spring Break too!

In between all that ice cream and park fun Mama has got to get a little spring cleaning done and take care of a few other boring adult stuff. Boo to adulthood. Can I get an Amen?

Young Teacher Love: Happy Spring Break Sale!!

It is Saturday morning and I've been up since 3 am with excitement of what this next week means to me. I know you just asked yourself, "Ashley what does this week mean to you?". Well, how about I give you my top 5?

Spring Break Means to Me....

1// No rushed mornings. The mornings around here can be tough. It is all very rushed and chaotic. I am looking forward to waking up slowly and getting to snuggle in the bed with my boys.

2// Lots of good quality time with my Jack and Jeremy. I will not be taking Jack to daycare and Jeremy only has to work 2 days next week. We are planning on making a casino trip (just 45 minutes away) and then also take a trip to The Wonder Place with Jack.

3// A break from hearing Mrs. Ashley. I probably hear that 150 times a day. I get sick of it and I'm thankful for the break from it.

4// Getting caught up on the housework and other things that I'm not able to do while I'm at work during the day. Being productive makes me feel good. 

5// Book and blog reading. I am looking forward to finishing my book Maxed Out. I've already saved a few others on my Amazon wishlist. I'm also really stoked about getting to catch up on my blog reading. Since I'll have a little extra time I am going to click on sidebar buttons. I do that to find new blogs when I have time. 

Spring Break may not mean the same thing to me as it once did but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Okay, that's a lie. A trip to the Bahamas would do the trick. 


  1. Yay for a break!! I hope you get everything done that you're hoping to. :) My spring break was the first week of March and I felt like I had gotten NOTHING accomplished all week! I went back to school just as stressed as I was before the break! It'll be so nice to get to spend the week with Jack and Jeremy though. And I hope you win big at the casino ;)

  2. Ms Ashley, Ms Ashley, Ms Ashley... I think just for that, I'm going to e-mail you everyday this week and say Ms Ashley :) Anyways, enjoy your time off and the quality time that you get to spend with the two special men in your life!

  3. Some days I wish I was a teacher just so I could still get a summer, winter and spring break! Enjoy your week!