Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hardest Part of Motherhood?

1// Regardless if you are sleepy or not I have to get up when he starts crying. There are nights when I've only been asleep 20 minutes and the crying starts. It takes everything in me to roll out of that bed. Then when I finally get him back to sleep and he starts crying soon after I finally get back to sleep. Jack's sleep schedule has gotten so much better but it is still sporadic at times and he is still a very early riser. 

2// You are constantly worried if you are doing enough. I guarantee you I have a 100 thoughts surrounding Jack's well being a day. Am I feeding him enough veggies? Is he saying enough words? Is going to daycare scaring him? Is he gaining enough weight? It is so stressful worrying whether or not you are doing everything you should be doing for the person you love the most. The hardest part is knowing that they depend on you.

3// Oh discipline! You want your child to be a perfect angel so you don't even have to think about discipline. It is your job to teach your child right and wrong. In order to do that you have to hurt them. Of course, I'm not talking physically, but even taking away something he wants he cries so hard.  When his dad tells him no he gets so mad which breaks my heart and he'll come running to me. Jeremy will say "don't coddle him" but my job is to make his world happy. I know it is important to teach discipline but it is not fun.

4// I had unnatural stress early on but has since dealt with that. However, there is some stress that you will always have. I find myself walking right behind him outside in case he falls. I worry when he tries new food hoping he will not have an allergic reaction. I also worry about chocking because Jack puts too much food in his mouth. I have to check on him before I go to bed each night. From talks with other moms this stress is not packing up and going anywhere anytime soon.

5// Speaking of stress, let's talk about techniques. There are so many ways to do one thing when it comes to your child. Every little thing your child does there are various ways for them to do it and it is your job to pick the technique you are going to use. Talk about stress! Those are some big decisions. No matter which way you go there are going to be other moms that don't agree which puts questions in your head. 

I only listed 5 but I really could go on and on because motherhood is honestly the hardest thing in the world. 

What is the hardest part of motherhood for you?


  1. I am absolutely terrified of my kids choking. I'm not as bad as I was with C since we did baby led weaning, but it still really freaks me out. I had to give my mom the heimlich and she passed out while doing it so that image is always in my head. Scary stuff!

  2. Great post. Hmmmm. I'm more scared of other people hurting Violet. Like kidnapping and such. It's hard to deal with.