Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Husband, Heather, and Parents-Thank you for the beautiful birthday flowers and plant. It made me feel extra special today. Everyone kept coming into the library to look at just how pretty they were. Now getting them home wasn't a pretty site but they made it and look beautiful at home.
Dear Spring Break-I ask you to please take your time and not hurry. I have lots I want to get done. Not only do I want to be productive but I also want to spend lots of quality time with Jack.
Dear Jack-I love you dearly but this 4 month sleep regression is for the birds. What happened to my sleeping through the night baby? Mama misses her sleep. Even though I love our special time in the middle of the night, Mama is a much nicer person when she gets sleep.
Dear Lexi-I would appreciate if you would stop digging the trash out. Mama has enough to do without cleaning up your mess every day when she gets home. I know you miss us not being here during the day but please find something else to do.
Dear car-We have enough money issues right now so no matter how many times you turn your check engine light on you are not getting replaced so you need to deal.
One Tired Mama


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  1. Aww. So much going on!

    I hope you have a great spring break!