Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Wish My Mom Hadn't Taught Me

My mom never went anywhere without us kids. 
The only places she went anyways was the grocery store, to visit a family member, or church.
If she went-we went too.
Now where was my dad?
Oh he was there and a wonderful father he is but he just didn't "babysit" us much.
Once when my mom went to see her younger brother graduate military school  and was
 going to be gone a couple days, my dad was left in charge.
We didn't go to school-we went fishing.
We also ate every meal for either a gas station or Bumpers (which was basically a Sonic).

My mom is the best cook. 
She cleans like a mad woman.
She is always helping people out. 
I thought that is just what moms did. 
She taught me that moms never have fun.

The only thing I ever saw her do with a group of women is sit around the dinning room table 
complaining about all they do.
I thought I wanted to be in this club of women. 
Boy was I wrong!
I never thought how hard it must be for her.

I struggle daily to break this cycle.
I find myself giving my husband the best piece of cooked meat and hell I cooked it.
Cleaning when I should be sitting on the couch watching trash tv.
Taking Jack with me to places when his dad is more than capable and willing to parent.

Why do we do this to ourselves? 

Friday (my birthday) I proclaimed no more.

Moms just wanna have fun too.
So I told my husband he was in charge of Jack for a few hours that evening and I went out and had dinner with a friend.
Tuesday I went and got my hair done as part of my 20 Wishes. 
I've even worked out a babysitter for the near future so I can get a mani/pedi.
Not every single day can be a mom fun day, and I know this, but I want Jack to grow up thinking 
Mom looks really happy-not tired. 


  1. Love this post. I grew up seeing my mom do it all too, it is a hard cycle to break for sure. Good for you taking some mom fun time!