Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

Cheltee has nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award! 
This post was so fun to write!
So here it is...

11 Facts About Me

1. I have zero knowledge of website codes and I hate that I do not have this knowledge. I consider myself a pretty smart gal but I've tried figuring it out and all it does is frustrate me.

2. I hate commercials. I always mute them or if I can I fast forward through them. My husband loves commercials so we argue about this quite a bit.

3. The first time I ever had a drink was at my cousins 16th birthday sleepover. We took vodka from her aunt's liquor cabinet and took shots. I just went with the crowd. Big mistake! I prayed over the toilet to God to please let me live and I would never drink again (didn't stick to that). I was however 18 and legal in the Bahamas the next time I had a drink. Our parents still think we all had the stomach virus that was actually going around at the time.

4. I met my husband at a bar and got pregnant after a night out at that same bar. It is called All Stars and we thought about giving little one (if he was a she) the middle name Star for that reason. 

5. I mumble way to much and I hate it. I think my husband hates it more.

6. My favorite book is She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. You know it's your favorite book when you can read it over and over. 

7. I've watched General Hospital since I was in elementary school. I use to record it on VHS back in the day. I'm still a huge fan and my bestie is also a fan so we talk about it a lot. 

8. When I was a child I didn't play house I played college. I even had my mom buy me a pair of red high heals because that is what I thought college students wore.  I am also the first and only family member (on both sides) to ever finish college. I'm very proud of that. 

9. My brother is in a wheelchair and has been his whole life.We never treated him any different. He played baseball. He did chores. He tortured me. He was just a regular brother. I like that I don't have a nervousness around people in wheelchairs because of my brother. I even have a good friend who is in a wheelchair.

10. I never thought I would be able to have babies because of the many female issues I've always had. It was a shock. I was eating right and exercising to prepare for my wedding and then 3 days before my 30th birthday I got the 2 lines. I took the test because I was 2 days late and had planned on having some pre-birthday drinks with friends. Surprised! 

11. I'm addicted to Scentsy. I'm actually getting griped out about the Scentsy box that just came in the mail. I have 2 dogs in the house so Scentsy is very needed. 
1.    What is your blog all about?
It is all about being the best mom and wife I can be. It documents all the new things I am learning as I take on these new roles.
2.    Where do you want to see your blog in the next year?
I would love to reach out to more people. It is more about quality than quantity. I want followers who can't wait to read my posts the same way I feel about so many bloggers out there. My life doesn't feel complete until I have read certain bloggers each day. 
3.    If you could do a Button Swap with any blogger who would it be?
This month I sponsored Megan at Absolute Mommy because I just love her blog posts. They are always so funny and real.
4.    What is your happiest place on Earth?
JJ's in Fayetteville. I love love love margaritas, wings, and Razorback football!
5.    What month were you born in?
March. Growing up my birthday always landed during Spring Break. What was awesome is that my senior year several of us went to the Bahamas during Spring Break so I got to turn 18 in the Bahamas which was pretty awesome.
6.    What is your dream job?
I never thought I would say this but my dream job would be a stay at home mom. Basically a working mom has to do all the same jobs but in a shorter amount of time.
7.    Do you like to Text or Call?
Depends on who it is. If it is my bestie then call. Most other people a text will do just fine. 
8.    Favorite Social Media Site?
Instagram. I'm new (I'm so behind) to the Instagram world. You can follow me on Instagram by clicking here.
9.    If you could switch lives with a famous person, who would you switch with?
Miranda Lambert. I would love to have a few drinks with Blake Shelton sitting on a front porch just talking. They seem to be the funnest couple ever.
10.  What is your favorite thing to Shop for?
Baby clothes for Jack. I really wanted a girl because I wanted to buy cutesy girl stuff but shopping for a boy isn't all that bad. It seems the boy style has gotten much better.
11.  What is one goal you have this year?
To be the best mom and wife I can be. 

Here are the rules:

The following blogs have been nominated:
Nikki @ Just Lovely
Louise @ My May Sunshine (she has some great printables)
Sarah Beth @ Our Family of Three

I totally just realized I didn't write any questions for you to answer and since I have 5 minutes just answer the questions I was asked...they were wonderful questions!

Love you all!

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  1. Oh you are so sweet! Thank you for the nomination!

  2. I love learning more about you! I am addicted to Scentsy too. I had happy birthday burning at Violet's party, it smelled soooooo good!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the nomination. Can't wait to do this!!

  4. Haha my cousin and I never played house either but we played "teenagers." We would sit at desks and pretend to do homework and go to parties haha. Clearly we thought it was very glamorous!

    1. Eventually we got around to playing house which consisted of us dropping the babies off at the babysitter and going to ride bikes-I don't think we had the right idea. :)