Monday, March 11, 2013

Two Quick Crafts

I really wanted to make a spring wreath but I'm not very crafty so I had to figure out a way for a simpleton like myself to make one.
I found the SPRING letters, the sparkly Easter eggs, and the bunnies at Walmart. Those 3 items cost me a dollar each. Score!
The Easter egg in the middle came from the Dollar Tree.
The wreath from Michael's was just a few dollars.
I started by painting the wreath white and then hot glued the cute stuff.

My second quick craft was wrapping a letter in washi tape.
I plan on using the R for a wreath but haven't figured out the wreath part yet but am thinking about doing something with yellow.

I don't have a lot of crafty blood running through my veins so I have to do things that are simple.
It's fun being crafty and I really enjoy making special touches for our family home.


  1. You can get any kind cute scrapbook paper and then mod podge it onto the letter! Works like a charm!

    1. I have never done any craft with mod podge but really want to. I'm excited about venturing into that world. There are so many great ideas out there. Thanks for stopping by!