Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sick Baby+ER Visit=Exhausted Mommy

Saturday while hubby and I did a little shopping my mom called to inform me that Jack wasn't breathing well. He has had the sniffles, a little cough, a few sneezes but nothing worth worrying over.
When we got the call we decided to come on home.
He seemed fine.
We even took this picture to show off this cute little tie I picked up from the Dollar Spot at Target.

As the day progressed he got worse. 
He wouldn't sleep.
Poor thing would try and then wake up screaming.

Sunday night still no better so we decided to take him to the ER (I did too much googling and got myself all worried about RSV). 
We walked in to a full ER.
Keep in mind we live in a small town so this is unusual. We waited about an hour and then decided to leave. 
There were 3 people with the flu.
1 with the stomach virus.
1 lady was bleeding everywhere.
Another sick baby.
And a boy with a plastic toy up his nose.
I started freaking out over any of us catching what was going on with the folks in the ER.
We got home and husband goes  to sleep and I stay up with Jack. 
Finally at 3 am I wake husband back up and say it is time to head back to the ER.

No one was in there!
However, we still were forced to wait 2 hours.
The doctor didn't even touch Jack.
Literally going to have to pay him hundreds of dollars for nothing.
Was told to follow up with Jack's doctor.

We got a little bored with all the waiting and decided to use it as a photo opportunity. 
Husband looks way better with no sleep than I do. Damn men!

Since this post was written we have been to the doctor and he has an upper respiratory infection. He was given meds and sent home until Wednesday. If he has shown lots of improvement we will continue with the meds at home. If not, he will go into the hospital to be put under the tent. Honestly I think he is better and that we will be able to bypass the hospital.

My first baby sickness has kicked my butt. I try and look at the positive side which is lots of snuggles with Jack and me and the husband have gotten closer.


  1. Oh man. First colds/sickness are the worst. It is awful. I hope you can get some rest and let us know how is appointment goes!

  2. Aww poor little guy! I hope the meds work and he's on the upswing soon!