Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Loving Right Now

I love products! I have a small obsession that I am totally okay with. Commercials get me every single time which is why I try to fast forward through them. My favorite products are usually the ones my people tell me about. My people being bloggers and my closest BFFs. My friends are never shocked to receive a text that reads “you gotta try…” If I love it then I must spread the word. I also spread the word because I gotta keep them in business. If it is a movie, book, or cd I automatically feel a connection to them and imagine them sitting at home on their computer looking over and over at their sales and then I want to make them happy by clicking buy. Okay so I’m a little neurotic. Nothing new! So anywhooo…I want to tell you about some of my favorite things right now.

  Victoria Secret Pro Airbrush FX Perfecting Primer
O-M-G! A 15 year old showed me this product and it is amazing. It feels so good going on and it really works. I shouldn't admit this but I wore my make-up for 2 days after using this product. My make-up still looked amazing on Monday morning (I tried it out on Sunday) so I went with it.

  What’s the Word? App
I’m sure everybody and their mamma knows about this game but since I JUST got an iPhone 5 I’m new to it. I heart it-seriously! My husband is also in love with it also. Yesterday I was playing it and he said “oh no-put it up-you know that is our night game”. Yep, that is what he said. At night we lay in bed and play What’s the Word. So romantic!

I love a book that makes me feel bad-A and gangsta. It’s all about being good to you. I always need and appreciate those little reminders. I have it on my phone, and although I've finished it, I still go to certain passages to get a little pep talk when I need one.

  Magic Erasers
I bought Magic Erasers forever ago and just opened them up last weekend. Holy moley those things work! I was so excited to go from room to room to see what I could clean. Basically I ended up with a bunch of half cleaned things.  My husband was so impressed that he cleaned most of the bathtub.  See how I said “most”. He is as bad as me about clean hopping.

The Following
I can’t help but sing Footloose every time I see Kevin Bacon. He is still a yummy. This thriller has me hooked. I never know what to expect. It isn't my kind of show but now that my mom forced me to watch it I am beyond addicted. Like so addicted that I actually look forward to Mondays (gasp!).

This is 40

I had really wanted to see it when it was in theaters but my life was crazy at that time so I knew we would have to wait until it was out for home viewing. Friday night, the three of us (Jack, Husband, and I) crawled in the bed to actually watch a movie. It was hilarious. Like seriously so funny. So funny that I watched it again 2 days later. I’m not surprised I loved it so much because I have seen Knocked Up at least 20 times. 

  Burger King’s Iced Mocha Latte
Sunday I decided to take an hour for me. I went to Walgreens and piddled around and then stopped by BK for a tasty treat. I decided to try an iced mocha latte because I enjoy the hot ones from McDonalds. I was very pleased! It was the perfect afternoon treat.  Too bad they aren't calorie free.

Well there you have it-my favorite things as of late.

What are some things you are digging right now?


  1. First off, I am obsessed with The Following. Obsessed I tell you. You never know what to expect with that show.

    I didn't know This Is 40 was out! I need to get it from redbox!

  2. I love all of this... I need to try out the primer if it works that good!! I love the bareminerals primer but it is expensive haha