Sunday, March 24, 2013

20 Wishes (Progress or Lack There Of)

1. Crochet a blanket
So no time for that

2. Make a scrapbook
No progress since last month but really want to do this

3. Spend a romantic weekend with my husband
We have been planning something but nothing solid yet

4. Do a spa day with my mom and sister
Planning this for Mother's Day

5. Weigh under 160
Lost 4 lbs but so still off my goal as I drink a Dr. Pepper

6. Attend a wine tasting
What is wine again???

7. Host a party for friends?
Friends??? Where did they go? Can I change it to host a party for Jack??

8. Charitable marathon
I only got to walk once last week-damn weather!

9. Visit 3 places I've never been.
I haven't been anywhere

10. Take family portraits
Summer maybe....this is starting to sound like the most depressing 20 Wishes progress ever

11. Cook something new once a month.
Oh I did this one!! Woohoo!!! I so cook more than one new thing each month.

12. Eyebrows done
Soon, promise, k!

13. Do 10 acts of random kindness.

14. Get a new hairdo
Did it!!!!!!!!!! Just got my hair did on Tuesday.

15. Pick a charity

16. Put together a family recipes book.
I started this one and really need to continue

17. Family vacation
Hopefully this summer

18. Matching undergarments
Want to lose weight first

19. Blog giveaway

20. Personalized gifts for friends or family.
I have done 2 of these so far.

So here is my progress so far. Makes me kinda sad that I haven't done more and it is almost April. In my defense when I came up with this list I was just pregnant and had no idea how hard having a newborn would be. We mommies are some hard working women!


  1. You will get there! Good job on the progress you have made so far.

  2. I totally understand that! We're expecting our first in July so I'm pretty sure my 20 wishes will get pushed to the side a bit... But I do see you have made some progress! A new do and cooking new things are awesome goals to complete! ;)