Saturday, March 9, 2013

Surviving Being a Working Mom

Since I have a 4 month old I'm an expert on all things mommy...right?
Well of course not but I thought I would share with you what has worked for us dealing with 2 full time working parents, 2 messy fur babies, and a little one in daycare. 

1. Meal plan and grocery shop on the weekends. My mom always said the hardest part of cooking was coming up with something to cook and boy was she right on. I found this mom journal at Walgreens for one buckaroo. I use it to plan my meals and make out my grocery list. 

2. Take showers at night. I miss the wake up feeling that a morning shower gave me but no more dealing with that extra in the morning hours. I would rather spend my time sleeping.

3. Lay out your clothes and your baby's clothes. No more changing my mind or having no time for that in am hours. 

4. Trade off morning responsibilities. One morning I wake up Jack to feed, change, and dress him and the next morning my husband does it. What does the other one do? Make the bed. Spend extra time getting dressed. Let the dogs out. Watch tv. Do quick cleaning. Just whatever they feel the need to do (the mornings husband dresses Jack more house things get done but you probably figured that one out).

5. If your daycare allows (and most do) bring in bulk. No more packing a bag for Jack each morning. He has EVERYTHING he might EVER need at daycare (even down to his own thermometer). I'm not saying they use it on just him but that is what I tell myself. I only worry they don't because the other day I picked him up and he was wearing an outfit that didn't belonged to him. It fit. It was cute. Probably need to buy one for him but it wasn't his. Oh well! I kinda flipped a little (accidentally) and the woman was so sweet and felt so bad but I didn't mean to sound like I was flipping out I just came in confused. She even said she was sorry the next morning and I felt like a total ass. I really was just worried that we were "stealing" someone else's clothes. 

Well there you have it ladies-a few tips on surviving being a working mom. I'll share more as I fumble my way through it.


  1. The last one made me laugh, If my child had someone else's clothes on them due to someone's mistake. I would flip a little, however right now I am laughing. Great Tips!! Mental note taken for when we have children.

  2. These are all great tips. Mornings when we have somewhere to be I lay out mine and Violet's clothes. I would have totally flipped if Violet was wearing someone else's clothes. I don't blame you at all!

  3. Can you come and do my grocery shopping and meal planning?? LOL ... that is the one thing I DETEST!

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    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo