Friday, March 29, 2013

Looking For Blessings

You know the old saying, "when it rains, it pours". Well my family knows that all too well right now. We have been put through the ringer. We, all three, can not be well at one time. I'm still recovering from my c-section mess. I still have an open wound that causes me grief every single day. Jack got diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection 2 weeks ago that still hasn't resolved itself and last night it was full on "should we go to the ER" sick. I have the flu. My husband had to get a tooth retracted Wednesday. I broke a tooth yesterday. I'm taking Jack to the doctor in 30 minutes. I need a freaking break from all of this sickness. I'm telling the doctor that they need to seriously reserve a parking spot for our family.

With sickness comes medical bills but with sickness also comes missing work. Missing work makes me feel crappy. I never use to be sick. My "sick" days were reserved for extra vacation days. When I had Jack I had 60 sick days saved up-that's how not sick of a person I was. Since getting pregnant my body has rejected me. I can deal with being sick but having a sick baby is hard. Last night I just held him. We would have taken him to the ER but the last time we went the doctor said and I quote "I don't give medicine to babies" and he never even touched him. I called the hospital to see who was on duty and they wouldn't tell me. The woman was very rude and I wanted to jump through the phone and punch her. I'm not a confrontational person but having a baby makes something change inside of you. Mama Bear will jack you up. I know the woman and if she knew who I was she wouldn't have been so rude because see we are practically neighbors and is very nice to me in person but that just makes me even more angry because she shouldn't be so rude to people whether she knows them or not.

Last night as I prayed for us all to be healthy I started feeling guilty-blessed even. I could have a child who has cancer not just a baby with a horrible cold. I found myself thinking and praying for those moms and babies. I know we are lucky comparatively. Having a sick little one sucks but I need to be happy that it isn't something worse. I have lots of people praying for us to get healthy and healed again so I think I am going to save my prayers for those who need my prayers. Cute story: I have a student (Kynia) who told a woman I work with that every night she prays for me. The thing is I know she is telling the truth. It isn't the Facebook "praying" type of prayer. It's the prayer from a sweet innocent child that I know God hears. What an amazing child to be that young and to actually think and pray for me. That is serious love.
How he sleeps the best right now.


  1. So sorry for all the turmoil you're going through right now! I know exactly what you're feeling. I always just try to remember that things could be so much worse.

    1. Thanks! We really could use a break from sickness and pain. However, we are still very blessed. I hope you had a wonderful Easter. It rained pretty much all day here in southeast Arkansas so we enjoyed a lazy day inside.