Thursday, November 6, 2014

Boo to Halloween

Jack was awful Halloween night. I'm talking awful!!! I pleaded with him. I pleaded with God. I even went through the 5 stages of grief before I gave in and went home. 

Our first stop was my Grandmothers. He was getting into everything. He literally pulled her oxygen out. Although it was cold outside, I was sweating. After about ten minutes of chasing his, taking things from him, and saying no continuously I had enough. 

Next up was the church festival. Jack saw the bouncy house first and I had never seen him so excited. The man running it was nervous about a tiny Jack getting in and I assured him that he could hold his own. He loved it! It turned out to be the best part of our whole night. 

I wrangled him out so we could do a little trunk or treating. Well Mr. Jack wasn't down with it. He wanted to run free. I had to hold onto him as he fought me and threw himself to the ground. Lovely!

All the other children are having a wonderful time and my child is having a meltdown because I won't let him run into traffic. After he threw his bucket of candy with four pieces in it for the tenth time and a man walked by passing out a Parenting magazine that didn't fit anywhere so I was forced to hold it, Jack, and his bucket. I teared up and left. 

I was ready to call it a night but I just couldn't. I had spent 40 bucks on that costume and by God I hadn't had that precious moment yet. I should have called it a night. 

Jack continued to try and run away as we tried to maneuver around cars and a darkening sky. He would just throw himself to the ground if I tried to hold onto him. I was sweating yet it was in the 40's. 

I lost my phone. It hit me quick and I knew it was gone. During all the craziness it had been dropped. Of course, I was angry with myself for even having it on me. 

My Mom has promised me that next Halloween will be easier but for now I say boo to Halloween! 

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