Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Things To Look Forward To

To say that my life has been hectic and crazy would be a crazy under exaggeration. 

Jack and I are still at my parent's house and I'm pretty sure we will be for awhile. I've made my peace with it. It isn't ideal, especially for someone who has been on their own since 18, but I know it is what is best right now. Having the support of my family has been amazing. Of course, I miss the decorating on my own aspect and being the matriarch of my family but I remind myself that this is temporary. 

November and December are my favorite two months so that is helping me get into a great spirit. Not only is it the holiday season but Jack's birthday is on the 7th of November and we are out of school that day. I also have some fun things planned. I'm not going to let our situation ruin this time for us. 

Thankfully his costume came in the mail days before Halloween.
Can you tell I'm a librarian?

No big news on the divorce front. The lawyers are doing their thing and my stomach stays in knots. I had wished we could stay away from the courts but there is no other way. I just have to keep my faith and stay strong. I know that God will keep us safe and whole. 


  1. Oh I love his costume! Are you taking him trick-or-treating? Travis is with his dad for the weekend, but he's going dressed up as a bear and Jon said that he will send me pictures. :) I'm going to have a fun Halloween weekend out, though!
    Keep me updated with divorce news, girl.