Friday, September 28, 2012

Baking, Baby Belly, and Bruising

So I made my first homemade peach cobbler and I can honestly say that it was wonderful. I used the Paula Dean recipe and a few helpful hints from a nice lady at the market. 

Peach cobbler in my favorite dish by Rachel Ray

Here is a picture of my big pregnant belly *32 weeks
Tuesday night I began having horrible acid reflux pain and then the vomiting began. I was up and down all of Tuesday night. Wednesday woke up feeling good. At lunch the pain started again. I was nervous that the vomiting was causing me to be dehydrated. I call my doctor and he wants me to come into labor and delivery. I won't write a bunch of complaining words but I'll just say it was not a fun experience. After several hours of starving to death this is what I get.
I have never loved toast as much as I did in that moment. Please note the bite that was taken. I couldn't wait. Like I said starving to death. 
My arms look like I'm a needle carrying drug addict. The nurse did not do a good job on the IV. Sorry lady but I hope I never see you again. I am now put on 8 pills a day to help with the gallbladder pain and have to eat a bland diet. I went from craving a margarita to craving taco bell. What is up with wanting what you can't have? 


  1. Ugh. I am so familiar with labor and delivery for two months I had to go twice a week. Blah! I am glad you are okay though. Keep strong, you are almost there!

  2. Thanks Leslie! I hope I don't have to see that place again until Jack Henry is ready to make his debut.