Saturday, September 8, 2012

Project List/Update

After much thought and debate we have decided to stay put in our current home. With only 10 weeks before the baby arrives we wanted to stay put. We will look at the issue again later. Since we have decided to stay we want to get our house in shape. I’ve made a list of room by room projects to keep us on task and truthful.  When you get a chance check out my list and I’ll post the improvements as we get them done.

Other news…
1.   I had my 30 week appointment on Thursday and everything is wonderful!
2.  My husband is actually off work this weekend!
3.  My bestie and her husband are stopping by Sunday for a quick visit as they pass through town.
4.  My mom has volunteered to come over Sunday to help me get started on my project list.
5.  I’m in the process of thinking up a cute fall wreath idea. Any ideas???
6.  I made a Richards family folder for myself. Included is the following sections:
·         Calendar (to write in important information)
·         To do (an area for each day to make my list)
·         Projects (future projects I want to do)
·         Blog (ideas, sketch ideas, swap information, links)
·         Recipes (yummy food I want to cook)
·         Notes (products I want to try, blogs I want to read, interesting info)


  1. I just made a super easy burlap fall wreath on my blog and it came out really cute.

  2. A house project list seems like an awesome idea. I think I need to create one of those! :) Good luck with your list!


  3. I've started on painting the hallway (well my mom did and I watched)! I like having a list to keep me focused.