Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 9: Hobbies

I wish I were one of those people who could say my hobbies are hiking, photography, and scuba diving BUT I'm not. I am lazy most days, can not take a good picture to save my life, and scuba diving scares me. So what are my hobbies? Safe ones. I enjoy crafting and baking. I love reading. I love watching tv. I love talking on the phone with my best friend. Most people wouldn't consider talking on the phone a hobby but the way I do it is more like an Olympic sport. Other hobbies? I like to be sarcastic. Is that a hobby? I enjoy organizing. That sounds way dorky. Over the past two years I have seen my hobbies change dramatically. Not so long ago I would have written my hobbies as bar bouncing, beer pong, and wine tastings. As of right now it is more like nursery decorating, looking up recipes, and blogging. Things have certainly changed. I look forward to the days where my hobbies are driving my son to t-ball practice and bake sales. I'm a mommy dork at heart. Who knew???

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