Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This is Me Challenge: Days 13 and 14

Most Prominent Childhood Memory: On Sunday afternoons my parents would take us riding the levee. We lived close to the Mississippi River. We would drive down to Louisiana and buy lottery tickets and couldn't touch them until we hit the levee. We would then scratch them off and put any winnings up for tickets the next time. Us kids would then sit in the back of the truck and ride while my parents listened to music up front. When we were too young to know better my dad would say whoever saw a pink elephant would win 100 dollars. We would look so hard never knowing that we were being tricked. It sure kept us quiet and busy (smart parents).
Another great memory I have is my dad would have us kids build toady frog houses in the backyard. If you have never made one you put your barefoot on the ground and cover it with dirt. Pack it down and then slide your foot out gently. This is where toady frogs stay at night. In the morning we would check our houses and there would be money for rent. It was so much fun!

Shoes: I'm not a shoe person. I wear comfort shoes. I want to so badly to wear cute high heels and boots but I hate for my feet to be hot and uncomfortable. I do a lot of moving around in my line of work so I can't imagine wearing those cute but miserable shoes. Some people can pull them off and I am not one of them. My favorite shoes are Yellow Box flip-flops and Toms.

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  1. I know what you mean about comfort. I can't wear anything other than sneakers when I am with the kids because I'm sure I'd fall every time I had to chance them! Cute family memories! I love looking through pictures and remembering things like that.