Monday, October 22, 2012

This is Me Challenge: Days 15-18

Day 15: First Driving Experience
I don't really remember my first driving experience because as children from the country we drove on Daddy's knee around the yard or on the dirt road. We drove riding lawnmowers like cars. It was just what we did. After I got my permit I do remember my dad taking me to an actual real life road with cars and stuff and him letting me drive. It was awesome! I felt so grown. Now of course driving is not my favorite thing but if anyone is going to drive I want it to be me. I always feel like I am the safest driver of anyone I know. 

Day 16: Scariest Moment of My Life
I can't remember one particular super scary moment so I'll just list a few. 
1. In southeast AR we have lots of tornadoes and I remember one that got really close to where I was and I was in a Saturday class and couldn't get home. That sucked. Being in a scary moment with strangers isn't fun because you are forced to not act like a big baby.
2. When my sister had to have a c-section that we weren't mentally prepared for. I wasn't as scared as our dad was and being worried about him being scared was the worse part. He hates not being in control. 
3. Getting married. It was scary because people were looking at me and I HATE when people are staring at me. I really wanted to elope but Mama said no way.
4. Finding out I was pregnant. It felt so surreal. I was scared to tell anyone for fear that it would disappear. I wasn't scared about having a baby but just really scared that I would be happy and have it all taken away from me. 

Day 17: Musical Influences
My mom is hands down my biggest musical influence. She taught me to love the oldies but goodies. My favorite is Percy Sledge and it is all because of her. When she had alone time after us kids were asleep she would sit in the dining room and listen to Percy and just have the most interesting look on her face. I love peeping in at those moments just to see her so relaxed. 

Day 18: What Would I Be Doing If Not Blogging?
Well right in this moment I would probably just be looking up recipes or watching tv. I don't get to blog much. /Crazy enough....I don't have internet at my house so I have to wait  until I get to my parents house or the library. 

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